Office in Bratislava after success in Košice

Office in Bratislava after success in Košice

Bratislava 1. 6. 2023 – In the heart of Eastern Slovakia, 500 IT specialists are already employed in the Fpt Slovakia company, which grows on the strong roots of the stable ground of the global corporation Fpt Software. Thanks to the continual growth and development of competences and offered services, we also widen the portfolio of partnerships on the international market and recruit qualified experts. After successful years of the subsidiary in Košice office, we are expanding our field of activity to Western Slovakia, where we are opening a new office in the modern premises of the Nivy Tower Business Centre.

Our company, Fpt Slovakia, as a stable partner for a broad spectrum of customers from all around the world, identified the significant potential of people in the region. It’s the missing part of the new FPT’s road to offer high above-standard services to customers. Another aspect of the new office opening is the employees’ desire to meet in person, as they work in a hybrid work model from Western Slovakia. Thanks to meetings over coffee and inspiring discussions in a non-formal environment, the fulfilled wish of the employees to develop even more intensive mutual relationships at the workplace will support the better functioning of the company. 

Fpt Slovakia offers IT services for customers from various fields, such as utility services, healthcare, multimedia, or energy segment, the automobile industry, and e-shop sale. We work with the newest technology, and thanks to this fact, the spectrum of our competences is broad and varied.

„We are the leaders in the field of implementation and maintenance of SAP solution. We work with design, development, and maintenance of software, independent testing, and ensuring the quality of IT services within the energy sector. We are also partners for innovative solutions in the fields of E-mobility, Smart Home, or Renewables,” said the Managing Director of the company Coi Tran.

We are intensively looking for more specialists in project and support activities in many fields, as our portfolio is constantly growing. We focus on fast-developing technologies such as Google Cloud Platform, ServiceNow, development of apps for the management of green energy, Sharepoint, Java, Autosar, BTP, and the implementation of SAP S/4 Hana. Very significant is also the cloud field, in which we are growing greatly. We are looking for specialists from a wide spectrum, such as consultants, service managers, business analysts, frontend and backend developers, administrators, infrastructure specialists, Fiori developers, and many other experts, who are not afraid of new challenges and possibilities for further development in special projects.

New era of Fpt Czech started with a unique success

New era of Fpt Czech started with a unique success

PRAGUE 31. 5. 2023 – Fpt Czech, s.r.o company starts a new era by opening a subsidiary in modern premises of the administrative building City Element in Prague. With the broadening of the services in other areas outside the SAP portfolio, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Java and Testing, there is a need for growth for the company by means of recruiting new IT specialists. At the same time, however, it is necessary to create a representative space for their full functioning because, despite the home-office benefit, it is also necessary to always develop relationships in team by meeting over coffee or having an interesting discussion.

Through the strategic combination of new competences, an innovative vision of the delivery centre, and a widened capacity of experienced people, we followed the success of the Slovak subsidiary. In one of the most prestigious competitions in the fields of recruiting, HR, and marketing, Recruitment Academy Awards, we gained a special success in the form of second place in the category Recruiting Campaign of the Year.

Fpt Czech company, as part of a global corporation, is a strong player not only on the home market but also on the international market thanks to a strong team and above-standard conditions.

The most important part of a well-functioning and fast delivering company that can succeed in a competitive market in the IT field are the three strong pillars. The first pillar is to offer work to people, which will be their driving motor and fulfil them. The second condition for success is to ensure that the employees are not stagnant and can always improve in a preferred field. And last but not least, people, as one of the most important parts of the company, must feel comfortable and happy in a team,” said Martin Mareš, one of the Managing Directors of the company.

The history of Fpt Czech started in 2014 with the establishment of Fpt Slovakia as a subsidiary and part of the global corporation Fpt Software, which is one of the 100 best outsourcing IT companies in the world. The prospering subsidiaries are almost on every continent – in Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. In 2022, Fpt Czech, s.r.o. grew, and on the basis of its broader portfolio of competences, it also addressed a number of new customers, which required further growth, and recruitment of experienced employees.

FPT's successful recruitment campaign won another award

FPT's successful recruitment campaign won another award

Our company Fpt Slovakia together with a younger subsidiary Fpt Czech was in the spotlight once again, thanks to a unique recruiting HR campaign “IT volá domov”. In one of the most prestigious competitions in the field of recruiting, HR, and marketing Recruitment Academy Awards, we were praised for an exceptional success in the form of the second place in the Recruitment Campaign of the Year category.

An independent jury of experts rewarded mostly our innovative approach, campaign effectivity and creative solution of the new approach to recruitment of the employees to the company. Thanks to IT volá domov concept, we recorded growth of 250% of relevant CVs and we gained 9-times more internal recommendations. Our colleagues got together and with enthusiasm they shared a positive image about our company.

During a ceremonial gala in the representative premises of Jatka78 theatre in Prague, we humbly received a significant award, which will remind us that thinking out of the box, as well as the courage to do things with passion and vision are the right ingredients for success.

We extremely appreciate our success in this competition, as for us it is just the right impulse to cross the set borders of the standard approach to the non-standard solutions. On top of that, it reminds us that breaking free from the usual ways of thinking usually not only brings the required effect, but it also brings the possibility to inspire others, and not to worry about stepping out of the comfort zone,“ told Lucia Tomková, the HR manager.

The competition Recruitment Academy Awards was created eight years ago as a need to show off the best project in the field of HR marketing, employer branding and recruitment. Companies have the possibility to register their creative and inspiring approaches to recruitment in 6 various categories. The award Recruitment Academy Awards is awarded under the patronage of Recruitment Academy. It is a specialized education institution for recruiters, which offers various courses led by renowned professionals.

The FPT company winning a prestigious competition HR inšpirácia 2022

The FPT company winning a prestigious competition HR inšpirácia 2022

KOŠICE 3. 10. 2022 – The jury in the competition HR Inšpirácia 2022, comprised of the CEOs from the companies with innovative approach, evaluated the Fpt Slovakia's project – „IT Volá domov“ to be the most inspiring and therefore was the company awarded first place amongst 22 other strong competitors of HR projects. The originality of the project lies in the innovative idea, thanks to which the company Fpt Slovakia recruited 300 brand ambassadors in its employees, which brought the wished-for results.

The Fpt Slovakia company needed to grow significantly and to provide required services to the customers. Despite the small number of recruiters and low budget, the company proved, that changing the thinking and point of view is enough for the success to come. The campaign IT Calls home has changed the previous understanding and strategy of recruiting new employees and experts from IT sector.

“With the help of middle and upper management, as well as all with the help of all the employee we created a concept, which cleverly helped us to hire 2-times more qualified employees. Our colleagues got together and worked with enthusiasm to spread positive image about our company,“ explains HR manager Lucia Tomková.

One of the substantial ingredients, which created the right HR cocktail, was the strengthening of the campaign with the new concept #polopate. It's an activity with the goal to understandably explain and present the technical parameters of open positions in a way they would be easily interpretable.


The success came quickly and thanks to the project, the company managed to multiply the interest in technological positions in the strong IT sector. Thanks to the campaign IT Calls home, they noticed the increase of relevant CVs of 250% and they gained 9-times more internal recommendations. It's also worth to mention the hard times after the COVID-19 pandemics, when the situation on the market was very difficult, as the employees were reluctant to consider the change. The FPT company managed to overcome these obstacles and to hire the required number of qualified employees by joining forces and by engaging in the organization. And as the company awaits a significant growth in SAP, development and smart solutions areas, it will appreciate the benefits of the campaign also in the upcoming period.


HR Inšpirácia is an award, which was created within the HRComm platform, which unites 144 organisations with the representation through HR directors and managers of HR Departments in various sectors. In 2022, 22 innovative projects were shortlisted as candidates for the award in two categories, the CEO Award and HR public award. The jury assessed not only the originality of the project, the difficulty-level of the implemented change, but also the real effect of the innovation on the functioning of the company.

“We, as the jury, perceive the area of recruitment to be the most crucial in HR, the winning project interested us because of the elegant solution, originality and the whole conceptualization of the idea in its entire complexity, the growth of engagement in the company or because of the ability to work together on solving the problems,“ revealed one of the jury Lucia Čišková, Managing Director in the Business Lease Slovakia company.

FPT invests in the Czech Republic and it is looking for new employees to expand its business

FPT invests in the Czech Republic and it is looking for new employees to expand its business

Prague 18. July 2022 – Vietnamese FPT Group is one of the leading global technology companies. It offers a wide portfolio of ICT services, from data centers and telecommunications services to software solutions to digital transformation consulting services. Currently, the group is represented in 26 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. The company has been operating in Slovakia since 2004, and 10 years later it also entered the Czech market. The company presented its activities to participants of the Czech-Vietnamese Energy Roundtable held on June 29, 2022. The event held under auspices of Ministry of Industry and Trade, as part of the 7th session of the intergovernmental Czech-Vietnamese Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation.

Digitalization is one of the drivers of current development. FPT offers a range of solutions in the areas of SAP solutions, business process management and automation, application development and testing, and cloud services,“ explains Martin Mareš, Co-Managing Director of FPT Czech, adding: „In the Czech Republic, we specialize in SAP solutions and are gradually expanding our scope into new emerging technologies. We were very happy to have the opportunity to present our activities at such an important event.“

FPT Group has more than 37,000 employees worldwide. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, their number has already exceeded four hundred, and the company continues to grow. „In Slovakia, FPT is one of the most attractive employers in many consecutive years from 2018 to 2021, which is evidenced by, among other things, its repeated victory in the Best Employer survey. In the Czech branch, we want to follow this example, and we believe that we will succeed in attracting other talents from the ranks of ICT experts,“ concludes Mareš.

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We desire to inspire and forward the chain of good deeds

We desire to inspire and forward the chain of good deeds

Help someone who can't help themselves. Changing their destiny, inspiring others and forwarding good is of great importance. It shapes not only the individual, but also us as a community.

At Fpt Slovakia, we regularly cooperate with various organizations. We help where people have lost the most important thing they have, their home, their parents, their sense of security. We support the spread of first aid awareness among young children. We work with organizations that care for children with intellectual, sensory and physical disabilities.


Our most intensive and longest cooperation is connected with the organization Úsmev ako dar, with which we have been cooperating for more than 10 years. Its trigger was a stimulus from management and a willingness to support a good idea. We saw an example from abroad, the activities of our "parent" company, and we wanted to get involved. Change the thinking of our colleagues, the nature of our events. We started in Dorka (Center for children and family) and helped with the construction of a playground.

The volunteering we do within the company is a great idea. Meaningful spending time combined with fun with colleagues and building team spirit in a joint activity, supplemented by selfless help to those who need it most, is a priceless feeling“, says Katka, an active participant in volunteer activities at Fpt Slovakia.

The activity was a success not only for our colleagues, we also received the VIA BONA award thanks to it. They appreciated our original idea - to change the character of teambuilding activities from a sports day to a volunteer day.

With times as well as the needs of the organization changing, we too are adjusting our activities and collaboration with "Úsmev" people. In addition to direct assistance, we financially support the construction of social rental housing, we help with the return of children to school, with the purchase of food, books, gifts under the Christmas tree. Our colleagues, even in managerial positions, often do not hesitate to "get dirty" and personally help with the construction of help centers.

"Fpt is about people. About the people we can always turn to, whether with predictable events - such as the beginning of the school year, which in this pandemic period tends to be even more financially demanding, especially for poor families. Fpt is a team of people where we can knock on doors extraordinarily if the story of a man who needs help appears. It is a team of people who do not hesitate to find a solution for a person, family or child. This is Fpt and this is very rare nowadays,"describes the cooperation Radoslav Dráb, chairman of the Košice branch of the organization Úsmev ako dar.


In a few days, 44 children from the ZEM DETÍ organization will move to the summer camp, which we have supported financially. But summer will be quickly over, so we are already thinking together with the "Úsmev" people about how to help children with their return to school as part of our internal project „Back to school“.

In September, also thanks to our grant program implemented in cooperation with the Red Cross, children at six Košice primary schools will be educated in the provision of first aid in an experiential way.

We plan to continue to support organizations with which we have long-term cooperation, but of course also to listen to our colleagues and direct help to where it is most needed.

We desire to continue to inspire, ignite hearts and forward the chain of good deeds.

 „Start Small Dream Big“.