The FPT company winning a prestigious competition HR inšpirácia 2022

The FPT company winning a prestigious competition HR inšpirácia 2022

KOŠICE 3. 10. 2022 – The jury in the competition HR Inšpirácia 2022, comprised of the CEOs from the companies with innovative approach, evaluated the Fpt Slovakia's project – „IT Volá domov“ to be the most inspiring and therefore was the company awarded first place amongst 22 other strong competitors of HR projects. The originality of the project lies in the innovative idea, thanks to which the company Fpt Slovakia recruited 300 brand ambassadors in its employees, which brought the wished-for results.

The Fpt Slovakia company needed to grow significantly and to provide required services to the customers. Despite the small number of recruiters and low budget, the company proved, that changing the thinking and point of view is enough for the success to come. The campaign IT Calls home has changed the previous understanding and strategy of recruiting new employees and experts from IT sector.

“With the help of middle and upper management, as well as all with the help of all the employee we created a concept, which cleverly helped us to hire 2-times more qualified employees. Our colleagues got together and worked with enthusiasm to spread positive image about our company,“ explains HR manager Lucia Tomková.

One of the substantial ingredients, which created the right HR cocktail, was the strengthening of the campaign with the new concept #polopate. It's an activity with the goal to understandably explain and present the technical parameters of open positions in a way they would be easily interpretable.


The success came quickly and thanks to the project, the company managed to multiply the interest in technological positions in the strong IT sector. Thanks to the campaign IT Calls home, they noticed the increase of relevant CVs of 250% and they gained 9-times more internal recommendations. It's also worth to mention the hard times after the COVID-19 pandemics, when the situation on the market was very difficult, as the employees were reluctant to consider the change. The FPT company managed to overcome these obstacles and to hire the required number of qualified employees by joining forces and by engaging in the organization. And as the company awaits a significant growth in SAP, development and smart solutions areas, it will appreciate the benefits of the campaign also in the upcoming period.


HR Inšpirácia is an award, which was created within the HRComm platform, which unites 144 organisations with the representation through HR directors and managers of HR Departments in various sectors. In 2022, 22 innovative projects were shortlisted as candidates for the award in two categories, the CEO Award and HR public award. The jury assessed not only the originality of the project, the difficulty-level of the implemented change, but also the real effect of the innovation on the functioning of the company.

“We, as the jury, perceive the area of recruitment to be the most crucial in HR, the winning project interested us because of the elegant solution, originality and the whole conceptualization of the idea in its entire complexity, the growth of engagement in the company or because of the ability to work together on solving the problems,“ revealed one of the jury Lucia Čišková, Managing Director in the Business Lease Slovakia company.

FPT invests in the Czech Republic and it is looking for new employees to expand its business

FPT invests in the Czech Republic and it is looking for new employees to expand its business

Prague 18. July 2022 – Vietnamese FPT Group is one of the leading global technology companies. It offers a wide portfolio of ICT services, from data centers and telecommunications services to software solutions to digital transformation consulting services. Currently, the group is represented in 26 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. The company has been operating in Slovakia since 2004, and 10 years later it also entered the Czech market. The company presented its activities to participants of the Czech-Vietnamese Energy Roundtable held on June 29, 2022. The event held under auspices of Ministry of Industry and Trade, as part of the 7th session of the intergovernmental Czech-Vietnamese Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation.

Digitalization is one of the drivers of current development. FPT offers a range of solutions in the areas of SAP solutions, business process management and automation, application development and testing, and cloud services,“ explains Martin Mareš, Co-Managing Director of FPT Czech, adding: „In the Czech Republic, we specialize in SAP solutions and are gradually expanding our scope into new emerging technologies. We were very happy to have the opportunity to present our activities at such an important event.“

FPT Group has more than 37,000 employees worldwide. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, their number has already exceeded four hundred, and the company continues to grow. „In Slovakia, FPT is one of the most attractive employers in many consecutive years from 2018 to 2021, which is evidenced by, among other things, its repeated victory in the Best Employer survey. In the Czech branch, we want to follow this example, and we believe that we will succeed in attracting other talents from the ranks of ICT experts,“ concludes Mareš.

Press release

We desire to inspire and forward the chain of good deeds

We desire to inspire and forward the chain of good deeds

Help someone who can't help themselves. Changing their destiny, inspiring others and forwarding good is of great importance. It shapes not only the individual, but also us as a community.

At Fpt Slovakia, we regularly cooperate with various organizations. We help where people have lost the most important thing they have, their home, their parents, their sense of security. We support the spread of first aid awareness among young children. We work with organizations that care for children with intellectual, sensory and physical disabilities.


Our most intensive and longest cooperation is connected with the organization Úsmev ako dar, with which we have been cooperating for more than 10 years. Its trigger was a stimulus from management and a willingness to support a good idea. We saw an example from abroad, the activities of our "parent" company, and we wanted to get involved. Change the thinking of our colleagues, the nature of our events. We started in Dorka (Center for children and family) and helped with the construction of a playground.

The volunteering we do within the company is a great idea. Meaningful spending time combined with fun with colleagues and building team spirit in a joint activity, supplemented by selfless help to those who need it most, is a priceless feeling“, says Katka, an active participant in volunteer activities at Fpt Slovakia.

The activity was a success not only for our colleagues, we also received the VIA BONA award thanks to it. They appreciated our original idea - to change the character of teambuilding activities from a sports day to a volunteer day.

With times as well as the needs of the organization changing, we too are adjusting our activities and collaboration with "Úsmev" people. In addition to direct assistance, we financially support the construction of social rental housing, we help with the return of children to school, with the purchase of food, books, gifts under the Christmas tree. Our colleagues, even in managerial positions, often do not hesitate to "get dirty" and personally help with the construction of help centers.

"Fpt is about people. About the people we can always turn to, whether with predictable events - such as the beginning of the school year, which in this pandemic period tends to be even more financially demanding, especially for poor families. Fpt is a team of people where we can knock on doors extraordinarily if the story of a man who needs help appears. It is a team of people who do not hesitate to find a solution for a person, family or child. This is Fpt and this is very rare nowadays,"describes the cooperation Radoslav Dráb, chairman of the Košice branch of the organization Úsmev ako dar.


In a few days, 44 children from the ZEM DETÍ organization will move to the summer camp, which we have supported financially. But summer will be quickly over, so we are already thinking together with the "Úsmev" people about how to help children with their return to school as part of our internal project „Back to school“.

In September, also thanks to our grant program implemented in cooperation with the Red Cross, children at six Košice primary schools will be educated in the provision of first aid in an experiential way.

We plan to continue to support organizations with which we have long-term cooperation, but of course also to listen to our colleagues and direct help to where it is most needed.

We desire to continue to inspire, ignite hearts and forward the chain of good deeds.

 „Start Small Dream Big“.

Fpt Slovakia in Spotlight in the Company of the Greatest

Fpt Slovakia in Spotlight in the Company of the Greatest

Profesia, as the largest Slovak internet job portal, presented awards also this year to organizations that the public perceives as the Most Attractive Employers. Their aim is to draw attention to companies in Slovakia, for which their employees come first.

Despite significant competition, Fpt Slovakia was ranked in the Most Attractive Employer poll in the TOP 5 in the IT and telecommunications category.

The most common reasons for which the public voted are the team and the people, the good reputation of the company, job security and professionalism in the selection process. „It is a great feedback for us that despite the year, which was significantly affected by the situation with covid19, we are perceived as the top in the eyes of the public."

This award belongs primarily to our colleagues, but also to your families. We cannot do without the support of our loved ones, only together we create an Attractive Employer.

Design by FPT Slovakia

Design by FPT Slovakia

For us at FPT, the year 2020 was also a year of internal projects. We accepted it as a challenge to focus more on ourselves. Among many other things, it brought us a gift, which is the result of several months of hard work of our colleagues, in the form of a new website.

Our original website has already deserved a "rest" and we have therefore set out in an area that we have not yet fully explored, but with even greater determination. At the end of our journey we saw a modern, professional, up-to-date, clear, user-friendly but also a different website which aims to build a brand awareness, attract new talents and tell our story in our own creative way.

#define Our_Services 

We created a project team, defined individual roles, set up regular meetings and started the first Sprint. „From the Scrum Master's point of view, I have to say that I'm happy with how we had it organized“, said Nela Vargová, project manager. „It was interesting for me to have two Product Owners. Since most projects suffer from the fact that they do not have even one and his role is taken over by the whole team. We were lucky to have two of them and they were excellent," added Nela.


“A novelty for me was a topic related to SEO, which we consulted with Promiseo. From the project point of view, I got a more comprehensive idea of everything that needs to be included in the Scope project when building a website,” mentioned Rastislav Boroš, Team Leader of the Project Management department and also one of the Product Owners.

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 In addition to the position of Product Owner, the big challenge was to also cover the content of the website,“ said Andrea Kalafúsová, a communication specialist. „To correctly capture the atmosphere in the company and its corporate culture, either in words or through illustrations.

At the beginning of the project, there were many interviews with management, employees, candidates, but also analyzes and then finding the right mix of design, content, function and target group.

"The probably most difficult thing was probably to come up with the whole concept of the web, whether in terms of content or form. The fact that we decided to communicate, either by illustration or by headings written in the form of code, resulted from difficult debates and brainstormings,“ explained Jozef Kruželák, UX/UI designer.

Of course, the website also had to meet the required technical criteria, and its connection with our "recruit" software was a big challenge. „The first, lesser challenge was to study the possibilities of WordPress and create our own plugin, which was needed to connect with SuccessFactors,“ said Slavomír Slovenkai, a specialist programmer. The second challenge was to create a functional version of the plugin and then integrate it with the Divi theme, which defines the look of the site."

We have been proud of our Test Center of Excellencefor more than 16 years, so the website also went through a series of test cases before the transition to production, for which we are thankful to our test analyst Katka Vargová.

The project team is complemented by Patrik Groško, who seconded Slávo in the technical settings. An irreplaceable member of the team was also Milan Krajč, who in the position of UX designer together with Jožko tirelessly analyzed and proposed the best solutions.

#define Our_Services

Today the web is "live". We breathed the atmosphere of our corporate culture into it, either through interviews with our Team Leaders, or through the newly created Success Story section of our colleagues. We've added playful headlines. To let visitors feel what we are like, what we really create. You will find there a portfolio of services that we offer, as well as what projects we are responsible for.

The icing on the cake is the Think IT part. It's like a "lifestyle magazine" from the FPT world. Gradually you find there videos, blog posts, success stories, interviews with our colleagues, but also case studies.


You will not find photos of smiling people from the photo bank on our website, it is a mix of Anna Hájková illustrations and real photos of our colleagues. It is a gateway to our world. It gives an idea of our company. It is completely created by us. Design by FPT Slovakia.

Four Firms Came Together and Are Offering a Unique Education

Four Firms Came Together and Are Offering a Unique Education

Press release: The IT sector associated in Košice IT Valley shows Slovakia again that combining forces can create interesting projects for the general public. This time four major IT companies in Košice have come together to create a unique form of post-secondary education for Slovakia – Košice Academy of Software Development.

FPT, GlobalLogic, T-Systems Slovakia and Visma in cooperation with the Secondary Vocational School on Dneperská Street created education that is closely linked to practice.

“The East of Slovakia is once again an example of the fact that companies that are otherwise competing with each other in the labor market can come together for a good cause,” says Pavol Miroššay, Executive Director of Košice IT Valley.

Juraj Girman, chairman of the board and also the representative of the largest IT employer in the east, adds: “We have great job opportunities for talented students and today we offer them fast and quality education that is directly linked to practice. We want them to stay at home, not to consider going abroad or west of the country.”

The three-year post-secondary study at the Košice academy is focusing on the software development. Students devote half of their studies to learning various programming languages and the second half directly to projects in the participating companies.

Štefan Lacko from GlobalLogic sees many opportunities for graduates in the context of financial rewards. “Working on international projects brings graduates a very interesting financial remuneration. The best of them can get a job offering during their studies.”

An average salary in the IT sector even in the east exceeds the average wage in Slovakia, in case of senior positions several-fold.

“Unique in the offered form of study is the coming-together of four major IT companies from Košice. Students can try working in different companies. They get a better overview in doing so,” says Roman Klimčík from the Norwegian company Visma, which has been operating in Košice since 2018. This will also be one of those where students will be able to work after graduation.

Mr. Jozef Vojtko“The wide portfolio of international and innovative projects we have allows us to create a very interesting program for students and perfectly prepare them for the conditions that await them after their studies,” says Mr. Jozef Vojtko from FPT Slovakia.

Graduates on the labor market do not have to worry about their employment. There are currently more than 100 job openings in the IT Valley Košice cluster that require programming skills.

“We come from the experience that our school has a similar form of education. The teaching process will be provided by experts from companies and through our teachers,” adds Dušan Bosák, director of the private secondary technical school Dneperská 1 in Košice, where teaching will take place.

Applicants can apply at no later than by the end of May of this year.

Contact person for media: 

Ing. Pavol Miroššay – executive director Košice IT Valley – 0904 676 975