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We want to be a reliable partner on your digital transformation journey. Our ambition is to help you achieve your goals effectively, to be a part of your success and guide you while you grow.



string Values = ” People “;

At FPT, we believe that people are the most valuable asset we have, and that is why we follow the motto „respect individuality“. Beyond everything, we see someone as a personality with a unique life story and that is the base of our decisions. People come first with us. Loyalty and commitment – these are the two main pillars on which we build values at FPT.


We realize that it creates a sense of security. That is why we approach joint projects with determination. We are looking for innovative solutions, face obstacles. Because if we start something together, we will finish it together. 


This is not just a promise for us. It is a determination to do something, to change something. For us, it represents a value based on the trust that we build together with our client.

switch ( Think_IT ) 


V ďalšom dieli nášho BTP mini seriálu sa budeme venovať administrácii tejto platformy. Kedže pri BTP nehovoríme o jednoduchom samostatnom servise, ale o platforme združujúcej celú škálu samostatných, ale aj pridružených servisov, aplikácií a prepojení, aj adminstrácia...

Dream Work at FPT for the SNOW Platform
Dream Work at FPT for the SNOW Platform

ServiceNow, alebo SNOW, ako ju ľudovo v Fpt Slovakia nazývame, je technologická platforma, ktorá zahŕňa sadu nástrojov pre efektívne riadenie a správu celo-podnikových procesov. SNOW odštartoval v Fpt Slovakia v roku 2017. Od jeho začiatku v ňom pôsobí Veronika...