Our company Fpt Slovakia together with a younger subsidiary Fpt Czech was in the spotlight once again, thanks to a unique recruiting HR campaign “IT volá domov”. In one of the most prestigious competitions in the field of recruiting, HR, and marketing Recruitment Academy Awards, we were praised for an exceptional success in the form of the second place in the Recruitment Campaign of the Year category.

An independent jury of experts rewarded mostly our innovative approach, campaign effectivity and creative solution of the new approach to recruitment of the employees to the company. Thanks to IT volá domov concept, we recorded growth of 250% of relevant CVs and we gained 9-times more internal recommendations. Our colleagues got together and with enthusiasm they shared a positive image about our company.

During a ceremonial gala in the representative premises of Jatka78 theatre in Prague, we humbly received a significant award, which will remind us that thinking out of the box, as well as the courage to do things with passion and vision are the right ingredients for success.

We extremely appreciate our success in this competition, as for us it is just the right impulse to cross the set borders of the standard approach to the non-standard solutions. On top of that, it reminds us that breaking free from the usual ways of thinking usually not only brings the required effect, but it also brings the possibility to inspire others, and not to worry about stepping out of the comfort zone,“ told Lucia Tomková, the HR manager.

The competition Recruitment Academy Awards was created eight years ago as a need to show off the best project in the field of HR marketing, employer branding and recruitment. Companies have the possibility to register their creative and inspiring approaches to recruitment in 6 various categories. The award Recruitment Academy Awards is awarded under the patronage of Recruitment Academy. It is a specialized education institution for recruiters, which offers various courses led by renowned professionals.