Coffee Session with Robo

Coffee Session with Robo

Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture.

RÓBERT ŽELIZŇÁK, Finance and Controlling

When I get up for work, I look forward to: Lunch.

My career path: In IT, it started with the first steps with a PC still in the time of the Didaktik Alfa and PMD 85. When I first started working, I started as an SAP IS-U consultant and gradually went through several modules (FI-CA, Master Data, CIC, Device Management, IDE). After a few years, in addition to consulting work, I also accepted the role of a team leader. Another milestone was taking responsibility for finance in our company and everything related to it (sometimes not so. In parallel to the activities in the field of finance, it was a very interesting experience to build and run a completely new team for reporting and BI / QlikView. This challenge was soon replaced by another, even bigger one: transformation and integration of the entire "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group and ensuring of everything related to it.

I am responsible for: Finance - controlling - reporting - budgeting - contracts - back office.

The most amazing part of my job is: The one I don't have to do anymore, because I systematically solved it "yesterday".

The biggest challenge I faced: The transformation and integration of the entire "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group.

The most memorable moment in my career: It is connected with the transformation and integration of the "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group.

I expect people to: Everyone will do their job as if they were doing it for themselves, or for your company.

When leading people I consider important: Fairness.

When I’m not working: Then I'm working on something else… And when I'm not really working, I'm cycling or solving construction details and puzzles or broadening my horizons.

I help to cooperate

I help to cooperate

What's the best way to present the culture of the company? Through its colleagues. So we asked them what their work at FPT brings them, what they really succeeded in, what are they proud of, and created the Success Story section..

ONDREJ VANCÁK, IT Application Administrator

In my work for FPT, I started as an experienced administrator, who is learning something new again. Web application platforms, tools used with software development, and a few software products. Small applications, a few users, one man show.

I have always liked the varied responsibilities that have allowed me to learn to work with many technologies, platforms, thus broadening my horizons. However, I also wanted to have a direction, where I could go deeper. Currently, these are the so-called "collaboration tools". Along with my development, the use of these tools used by our customers has gradually increased. I started with simple tasks that slowly became projects. Migrations, designs, and design of new environments came along. Here I was able to make full use of all my experience. Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, Slack, Trello, databases, authentication protocols.

A new colleague joined us. Then another and suddenly we were the three of us, who can rely on each other as well as the customer. A few users have become thousands of people who benefit from our work. The expansion of the team allowed us to specialize more. And thanks to this, each of us can also focus on other interesting directions (clouds, CI / CD tools, SW development).

Working at FPT has brought me a lot also due to the fact that I do not feel like being in a classic "corporate". No clutter of processes and impersonal tools, but the ability to solve many things directly with people and not just be an item in a spreadsheet.

I HELP TO COOPERATE. But at the same time, I'm a member of a great team of people who help me too with that.

We desire to inspire and forward the chain of good deeds

We desire to inspire and forward the chain of good deeds

Help someone who can't help themselves. Changing their destiny, inspiring others and forwarding good is of great importance. It shapes not only the individual, but also us as a community.

At Fpt Slovakia, we regularly cooperate with various organizations. We help where people have lost the most important thing they have, their home, their parents, their sense of security. We support the spread of first aid awareness among young children. We work with organizations that care for children with intellectual, sensory and physical disabilities.


Our most intensive and longest cooperation is connected with the organization Úsmev ako dar, with which we have been cooperating for more than 10 years. Its trigger was a stimulus from management and a willingness to support a good idea. We saw an example from abroad, the activities of our "parent" company, and we wanted to get involved. Change the thinking of our colleagues, the nature of our events. We started in Dorka (Center for children and family) and helped with the construction of a playground.

The volunteering we do within the company is a great idea. Meaningful spending time combined with fun with colleagues and building team spirit in a joint activity, supplemented by selfless help to those who need it most, is a priceless feeling“, says Katka, an active participant in volunteer activities at Fpt Slovakia.

The activity was a success not only for our colleagues, we also received the VIA BONA award thanks to it. They appreciated our original idea - to change the character of teambuilding activities from a sports day to a volunteer day.

With times as well as the needs of the organization changing, we too are adjusting our activities and collaboration with "Úsmev" people. In addition to direct assistance, we financially support the construction of social rental housing, we help with the return of children to school, with the purchase of food, books, gifts under the Christmas tree. Our colleagues, even in managerial positions, often do not hesitate to "get dirty" and personally help with the construction of help centers.

"Fpt is about people. About the people we can always turn to, whether with predictable events - such as the beginning of the school year, which in this pandemic period tends to be even more financially demanding, especially for poor families. Fpt is a team of people where we can knock on doors extraordinarily if the story of a man who needs help appears. It is a team of people who do not hesitate to find a solution for a person, family or child. This is Fpt and this is very rare nowadays,"describes the cooperation Radoslav Dráb, chairman of the Košice branch of the organization Úsmev ako dar.


In a few days, 44 children from the ZEM DETÍ organization will move to the summer camp, which we have supported financially. But summer will be quickly over, so we are already thinking together with the "Úsmev" people about how to help children with their return to school as part of our internal project „Back to school“.

In September, also thanks to our grant program implemented in cooperation with the Red Cross, children at six Košice primary schools will be educated in the provision of first aid in an experiential way.

We plan to continue to support organizations with which we have long-term cooperation, but of course also to listen to our colleagues and direct help to where it is most needed.

We desire to continue to inspire, ignite hearts and forward the chain of good deeds.

 „Start Small Dream Big“.

Coffee Session with Antonín

Coffee Session with Antonín

Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture.


When I get up for work, I look forward to: New challenges that we deal with daily in the team. I like it when the daily routine goes without unnecessary activities and it is possible to engage in more interesting project activities.

My career path: I started as a database programmer. Since 2002 I have been dealing mainly with SAP systems. I started as a consultant for one module (SAP CO) and ended up as an SAP architect and manager of a SAP specialist team.

I am responsible for: I am primarily responsible for ensuring that the customer is satisfied with our delivery. But I also feel responsible for the inner atmosphere in the team, so that we are able to perform above standard.

The most amazing part of my job is: If we can solve a problem that lay "on the table" for a long time as a challenge and where there was no clear technical solution.

The biggest challenge I faced: The division of the SAP HR system within the division of the concern on the customer's side. We received one functional SAP and the output was 3 functional SAP systems with relevant data, including connection to the new infrastructure.

The most memorable moment in my career: Feedback from the customer that he did not believe that we were able to deliver the project mentioned above in the promised time and quality.

I expect people to: Independence, proactive approach, to not be afraid to design new and untested solutions, which are often beneficial. Willingness to fill in for a colleague and learn new things.

When leading people I consider important: Confidence in the employee that he or she will take on the assigned tasks responsibly. I don't like micro-management and I don't practice it. I do not evaluate the work intensity, but the efficiency and the result.

When I’m not working: I'm thinking about work, I'm a bit of a workaholic. 😊

How is IT Involved in the Green Transformation?

How is IT Involved in the Green Transformation?

Renewable energy sources - renewables, are increasingly used in business, industry and the personal sector. The aim is to reduce emissions, especially carbon dioxide, and to protect the environment. Today, wind turbines can no longer be found only in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries.

Realistic scenarios to promote sustainable development and energy security in Europe include the use of renewable energy sources. More and more energy companies are switching from standard energy sources to the use of renewable energy sources, in many countries they already form a relatively significant part of primary energy sources,”  said Dodan Vojtko, Head of Delivery Center Fpt Slovakia.

We also see this change in the projects we are working on at Fpt Slovakia. Our energy client will shut down nuclear power plants in a few years and replace them with renewable energy sources. Coal-fired power plants are also being phased out. Renewable resources are also used privately - the best example is solar panels in family and apartment houses. The green future has its doors open...


We have been dealing with the topic of renewables at Fpt Slovakia for about 3 years, and with the energy as such such since our establishment. We participate in the life cycle of renewable power plants from the construction itself to the visualization of results.

Projects in the field of renewables are increasing in direct proportion. The whole process of building wind farms must be digitized for better manageability. From location identification to all quality checks. Then our work in application development for operation management of these power plants begins,” explained Tibor Gujdán, team leader of Multiplatform and Cloud Solutions.

Our customer has wind power plant locations around the world. From Košice, we develop applications for data collection and processing, which, thanks to machine learning, predict possible power outages and also deal with turbine management. Monitoring is automated and prevents possible failures or wear of turbines. Thanks to the applications, the client has a secure operation of the wind power plant and a visualized overview of the necessary maintenance, where applications that we make are used again. Power plant employees use them directly on the maintenance site on tablets with iOS and Android operating systems.


The amount of energy productivity data from both onshore and offshore sites is distributed to a common network. To do this, we need strong environments, which are most often on the Azure cloud, which provides good scalability and responds effectively to data volumes and processing. The technologies in this project are expanding and the customer is interested in modern technologies with a high performance range. In addition to cloud applications, we also develop solutions that are installed directly on the devices,” explained Tibor Gujdán.

On the project we work with technologies for mobile devices (React Native, Ionic Framework), web solutions (React.JS, Angular), we develop backend in Java, Python, .Net Core. and we use Oracle, MSSQL, PostGreSQL for databases.

"We are specialists in IT and energy sector, we have been moving in the topic practically since the founding of the company. Thanks to that we have a lot of experience and a great team. Our mission is green transformation. We believe that IT is one of the triggers of the transition to the efficient use of green energy," said Dodan Vojtko, Head of Delivery Center Fpt Slovakia.


More than 40 people are currently working on renewables solutions. However, seeing its rapid growth. you can find an opportunity in it too.

The advantage of working in our team is that we design and develop solutions in the latest technologies. We will innovate and upgrade older systems, it can be motivating to bring new ideas and improve systems that must be really scalable for the Big Data area,” concluded Tibor Gujdán.