Coffee Session with Kamil

Coffee Session with Kamil

Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture.

KAMIL SAGAN, Integration, Collaboration & Quality Solutions

When I get up for work, I look forward to: To walk our pet and have breakfast with my daughter.

My career path: I started my career as a Programmer Specialist. In 2012, I took on the position of Team Leader and gradually took over responsibility for Trading. Currently, as a Service Delivery Manager, together with my team, I deliver services and solutions to customers from all over the world and from several domains.

I am responsible for: I am responsible for the Delivery area entrusted to me, focusing on growth in individual areas with the help of the Bestshore model. Apart from that I am responsible for creating work orders and monthly control of delivered services with the customer. I work closely with Account Management and report directly to Head of Delivery.

The most amazing part of my job is: When we manage to get a new interesting project, when we have space for the "out of the box thinking" and when our ideas are successfully implemented with the customer.

The biggest challenge I faced: One of the most interesting ones was related to rebranding. This event was associated with the uncertainty that had to be faced and it was necessary to encourage everyone in my team that the change will bring us new opportunities and customers from all over the world.

The most memorable moment in my career:There were definitely more of them. One of them was when, after several months of effort and a series of changes, we managed to get the maximum satisfaction of an extremely demanding and always critical customer.

I expect people to: Desire to constantly learn and improve in their field, curiosity and enthusiasm for new things and technologies. I also consider the willingness to share my knowledge with others in the team and in the company to be very important.

When leading people I consider important: To have personal integrity – to mean what you say. Approach everyone fairly and give everyone space for their professional development.

When I’m not working: I like to spend time with my family and loved ones. I also like to travel for art and culture.

What’s a better living? Smart or Intelligent?

What’s a better living? Smart or Intelligent?

If you've been following the articles on our site closely, you'll have noticed a mini series on Smart Home and, how to get started. No doubt you're also seeing this trend in the everyday world around us. The term Smart Home is being used more and more often. You'll find it when shopping for a variety of home products, whether it's door locks, video doorbells, or thermostats, refrigerators or washing machines.


Do you know that feeling? You buy a robotic vacuum to compliment your smart bulb that you can control from your smart TV. Suddenly you feel like you're living in a smart home. While at first glance it may seem that SmartHome and IntelligentHome are synonymous, that's not quite the case. That's why, in this first part of a series of articles, we're going to look at the concept of a smart home and the difference between SmartHome and IntelligentHome. We'll start by explaining the idea of IntelligentHome and then compare the different levels of approach to installation using a real-life example. Finally, we will summarize a few benefits of smart buildings and especially smart homes.

To better understand these two concepts, it's easiest to imagine that SmartHome is a home that simplifies your living through a variety of apps, sensors, and pre-set scenarios. For example, "If I'm in the living room, turn on the light. When the washing machine runs out, send me a notification." However, these actions must be pre-set by the owner or a programmer.

On the contrary, IntelligentHome strives to learn and improve over time. The house recognizes that whenever the owner leaves, it turns off all appliances and lights. In the future, the house will do this on its own and just inform the owner of this action. Therefore, the essential difference from SmartHome is that IntelligentHome has artificial intelligence and the ability to learn.

  • SmartHome/SmartHouse – It is mostly about remote control and surveillance. It is important to emphasise that in this type of household, the user is largely in control of the house's activities. Using the app, he or she can directly control the devices or set up simple automation scenarios. For example, "If there is movement in the kitchen, turn on the light, or if the washing machine is washing, send me a notification to the voice assistant.“
  • InteligentHome/InteligentHouse – An IntelligentHome performs all the functions of a SmartHome, but some or all of the control is carried out by artificial intelligence, which performs autonomous actions based on monitoring the behaviour of the home's occupants. The IntelligentHome can respond dynamically to changes and continuously learns and improves over time

IntelligentHome is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). However, this does not mean that AI is not also present in SmartHome. However, its role here is more of a supporting role than a controlling one. This is the case, for example, with voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa. These assistants, of course, make it much easier for us to enter commands or control smart devices in our home.

Whether we dream of a SmartHome or are tempted to have artificial intelligence in the house, it is advisable to contact an integrator who can help, advise and guide us in both cases. An integrator is the person or company that is responsible for the implementation of all the devices that are to be controlled or monitored. His role is already important in the project phase, when he works closely with the investor and the various professions in order to coordinate all the processes. At the same time, the integrator ensures the recovery, configuration, programming and testing of the entire construction.


All these possibilities are very interesting and can get people really excited, but what benefits can we expect from such an IntelligentHome? There are of course several benefits, although the main theme is sustainability, efficiency and not least the comfort of living.

  • Recognising your habits, such as coming and going from home, the smart home can effectively and efficiently use it to autonomously create scenarios for controlling lighting, heating or cooling, thus not only increasing the comfort of living, but more importantly reducing costs and the carbon footprint.
  • It can analyse residents' reactions to weather changes, such as closing windows, putting things away from the patio or parking the car in the garage, and predict these actions and make them autonomous in the future based on weather forecasts, including putting things away using humanoid robots and parking the car. Only a few cars currently have this capability, but we are building a house, so to speak, for life, so it should be ready for the arrival of new technologies.
  • Using geolocation and meteorological data in combination with a light sensor, it can evaluate the optimum blackout position and angle of the blinds to achieve the highest possible heating or cooling efficiency.

Of course, there are many more benefits presented by the IntelligentHome concept, and it is up to the creativity of the owner and integrator to decide what solutions they decide to implement to make these benefits tangible. Last but not least, the investor's own budget also plays an important role ?

We are already preparing the next part of this series of articles about integration and the role of the integrator. We hope this concept has intrigued you and got you thinking about what your smart home could one day look like.

Tomáš Feterik & Tomáš Lörinc, authors

Super ride with FPT

Super ride with FPT

What's the best way to present the culture of the company? Through its colleagues. So we asked them what their work at FPT brings them, what they really succeeded in, what are they proud of, and created the Success Story section.

ONDREJ HUGÁŇ, SAP NetWeaver Application and Technical Consultant

It was a nice sunny Thursday. The date was June 19, 2014, and I, nervously, along with other colleagues, am sitting in the meeting room of the Hilton Hotel, awaiting the speech of our new FPT Chairman, Mr. Binh. It was the year when, after 10 years of existence as RWE IT Slovakia, we became a subsidiary of FPT Software called Fpt Slovakia. Thousands of diverse thoughts swirled in each of our heads. Jovial talk of Mr. Binh and a gift in the form of a tablet and a backpack improved the mood of many.

Now, after years, I have to say that it really wasn't that bad. I even dare to say that it was a "super ride"! I don't regret a second that FPT and I had a chance with each other. One got a new distance from the action, was moved out from the comfort zone and began to look at things with different eyes. Suddenly, there were many opportunities around us to be dealt with properly. As one of my superiors used to say, "This is not a problem, this is a challenge!"

Training for Vietnamese colleagues was my first Asian experience (except for the Panda bistro opposite our building :)). The bonus was that I met a lot of great people and I kept in touch with many of them even after years. I also like to mention the  pioneering times with "SAP HANA" technology, when we worked together with Fpt colleagues on the Startup project, while others still thought that HANA was just a nice female name :). FPT gave me the opportunity to be active in various areas. I have always felt support for what I do and how I do it, for which I am very grateful. Whenever I manage to successfully complete a project or overcome a new work problem, it fills me with joy and satisfaction even after years. When our customer is satisfied, it makes a good name for our entire company, and then I am especially proud to be part of this talented team that we have in Košice.

Coffee Session with Loránt

Coffee Session with Loránt

Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture.

LORÁNT GÁTI, ERP Logistic Services

When I get up for work, I look forward to: Waking up next to my wife and having coffee with her. Learning something new, helping people in the team and solving every task so that the customer is satisfied.

My career path: Very long. A little travel around the world and then 14 years in a metallurgical company. 7 years of which in sales and then 7 years in logistics. Subsequently, I changed the industry and moved to an IT company, where after some time I was in charge of team responsible for the change requirements on the devices in the data centers. I've been at FPT since 2019.

I am responsible for: The logistics services team for ERP solutions with the main focus on SAP, in addition, I oversee the quality of SAP services provided to our customers and help acquire new customers.

The most amazing part of my job is: Working with amazing people I can learn from and support at work and also build cooperation with customers.

The biggest challenge I faced: For me, every challenge is an opportunity and when talking about occasions, I follow Richard Brandson's motto "If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later ”. The big challenge and at the same time opportunity for me was the change of industry after 14 years of experience (transition from the metallurgical industry to IT) that I have managed successfully.

The most memorable moment in my career: There were several for sure, but I will mention this one: …When I got an Oscar for the role of the best "boss". It was a farewell from my previous team. I really appreciate it.

I expect from people: First and foremost open communication, team spirit, responsibility and of course good cooperation.

When leading people I consider important: Trying to find a way to each person in the team and lead him individually. Adding value to people every day and trying to develop them. Leaving them independent, but at the same time being ready to support them when they need it. Not looking at failures as something bad, but perceiving them as a space for learning and improvement. I also consider it important to build a feedback culture.

When I’m not working: I spend time with my family, working around the house and in the garden listening to music

Coffee Session with Robo

Coffee Session with Robo

Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture.

RÓBERT ŽELIZŇÁK, Finance and Controlling

When I get up for work, I look forward to: Lunch.

My career path: In IT, it started with the first steps with a PC still in the time of the Didaktik Alfa and PMD 85. When I first started working, I started as an SAP IS-U consultant and gradually went through several modules (FI-CA, Master Data, CIC, Device Management, IDE). After a few years, in addition to consulting work, I also accepted the role of a team leader. Another milestone was taking responsibility for finance in our company and everything related to it (sometimes not so. In parallel to the activities in the field of finance, it was a very interesting experience to build and run a completely new team for reporting and BI / QlikView. This challenge was soon replaced by another, even bigger one: transformation and integration of the entire "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group and ensuring of everything related to it.

I am responsible for: Finance - controlling - reporting - budgeting - contracts - back office.

The most amazing part of my job is: The one I don't have to do anymore, because I systematically solved it "yesterday".

The biggest challenge I faced: The transformation and integration of the entire "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group.

The most memorable moment in my career: It is connected with the transformation and integration of the "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group.

I expect people to: Everyone will do their job as if they were doing it for themselves, or for your company.

When leading people I consider important: Fairness.

When I’m not working: Then I'm working on something else… And when I'm not really working, I'm cycling or solving construction details and puzzles or broadening my horizons.