Coffee Session with Laco

Coffee Session with Laco

Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture. 

LADISLAV TOMČKO, Automation and Testing Solutions 

When I get up for work, I look forward to: Communication with people and with customers. I'm happy when I manage to help someone or solve a problem. Probably the greatest joy for me is when I can convince a new customer that we are the right partner and supplier of IT services.

My career path: In 2007 I graduated from the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the FEI in Košice. Immediately after school, I got a job in a field that I studied and started working as a programmer for automated PLC systems (eg SIEMENS, ABB, SMS SIEMAG). After 3 years spent traveling around the world and programming various lines, conveyors, turbines, iron and chocolate factories, I decided to change jobs and in 2010 I joined RWE IT Slovakia. This time I looked at SW and HW from a completely different side, as a tester, later I continued as a Test Manager and since 2011 I have been working as a Team Leader. If we do not take into account that in 2015 RWE IT Slovakia was renamed to FPT Slovakia, then I have been satisfied with my current employer for more than 10 years.

I am responsible for: I am currently responsible for the FSK-DTS-ATS team. This team consists of 52 people who focus mainly on Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Performance Testing, Test Management and RPA - Robotic Process Automation.

The most amazing part of my job is: It's working with people. When working with people, whether they are colleagues, bosses or customers, not a single day at work is the same.

The biggest challenge I faced: There have been a lot of challenges in the last 14 working years. But life has taught me that it's not a problem to keep things running, it's a problem to create things that don't exist yet. In my professional life it was: Programming and launching a hot rolling mill at the Ironworks in Mobile city in Alabama (2008-2010); Creation of a completely new team for testing infrastructure and security (2010 - 2013); Creation and deployment of a new RPA team, which consists of about 20 people (2018 - 2020).

The most memorable moment in my career: I remember how my whole team stood up for me in one awkward situation without me knowing about it. I found out about 2 weeks after solving the problem. Such things always make a person happy and he will remember them for a lifetime.

I expect from people: Honesty, transparency and fulfillment of the things we agree on. Everyone can expect the same from me.

When leading people I consider important: Communication, empathy, fairness and keeping the word.

When I’m not working: I like to spend time with my family and loved ones. I also like to travel for art and culture.

We have our own IoT solution to measure temperature.

We have our own IoT solution to measure temperature.

We have developed our own, affordable solution for automated human temperature measurement. Thanks to special sensors and an advanced measurement algorithm, which takes into account the distance of a person and the temperature in the room, it is possible to reconstruct the obtained data into the so-called heatmap and create an image well known from "thermal cameras".

The big advantage is that the device does not use a real camera that would capture the face. Thanks to that, it is secured personal data protection at high level. You will find this device at the entrance to the Fpt Slovakia building. The IoT solution was developed within two weeks by one of our colleagues, an IoT specialist – Tomáš Lörinc.

temperature Tomáš had the idea to create an automated temperature measuring device in his head right at the beginning of the pandemic. However, he decided to implement it only after the April company meeting, at the initiative of colleagues. This is not Tomáš's first IoT project, he has been working in this area for a long time. He worked on this particular one for about 2 weeks. A second prototype is currently being deployed, which was the logical outcome of the internal PoC project.

"Since my area of interest is mainly IoT, connectivity and HW, I would welcome advice from colleagues who are experts in another field. Rado Bálint helped me choose a suitable solution for data visualization."

Of course, there are also ready-made solutions in the form of thermal cameras. However, these are very expensive and their primary purpose is not to measure a person's temperature at the reception. Our solution is more than 10 times cheaper and at the same time tailor-made directly for our needs. The device is connected to the Internet and is able to communicate using the MQTT (SSL) protocol, making it one of the most versatile devices for automated temperature measurement. Last but not least, we care about the protection of personal data, which we thus control Of course, our device can be expanded at the customer's request with a camera with high resolution and face recognition, or a card reader and thus ensure that the temperature is assigned to a specific person,“ Tomáš adds.

We are constantly working to improve the device as well as its detection algorithm. Thanks to OTA updates, we are able to update FW devices even remotely. Tomáš sees other possibilities of use in the area of monitoring desk occupancy, which is currently a very popular segment. Thanks to a sufficient viewing angle, one sensor would be able to replace several motion sensors currently used for this purpose. Another possible area of use is the monitoring of premises with the remaining demand for personal data protection. For example, some airlines have a problem with the on-board toilet being used by more than one person at a time, the so-called Mile High Club. Such a sensor can unambiguously determine the number of people without invading privacy and notify on-board personnel.

Our company has been working on innovative projects for a long time and supports creative people, said Jozef Vojtko, Vice Director of Fpt Slovakia. And stated further that the crisis gave way to new technologies, innovative ideas, and at the same time accelerated their implementation in practice.

It doesn't always have to be big international things. Our colleagues proved it on several examples, either by automating internal processes or by automated temperature measurement. Tomas is an excellent example of this.

At FPT, instead of more bananas in the kitchen, they offered me space for self-realization.

At FPT, instead of more bananas in the kitchen, they offered me space for self-realization.

Programmer Specialist

Have you ever been in process of writing a resume, when you have frustrated asked for an insignificant entry-level job, which will provide you with at least some income (preferably in a valid real currency but chocolate coins would be nice too) with the latter position: lightning rod to customer frustration? At FPT, instead of more bananas in the kitchen, they offered me space for self-realization.

First, I seized the opportunity and created, in addition to my projects, several separate functional prototypes, even such that were not related to the scope of my work, such as Kinect-based interactive board with centimeter calibration and accuracy.

After years spent in the test trenches shouting "it definitely doesn't work for me", based on previous experience, I wanted to rework myself into saying "it definitely works for me”. I noticed that if debugging and testing is a process of removing bugs, then programming must be a process of creating them! It is for me! I learned JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, React and React Native in a short period of time and approached my superior with the courage of Explorer.

Thanks to the advanced new knowledge, I got a great opportunity: Frontend Developer. But inside, I felt that TypeScript wasn't exactly my type, even though we helped the customer create some great plugins for an existing complex system, I didn't feel the real – compiled - thing. I closed StackOverflow, my new favorite antisocial network, and asked myself: is the answer to the meaning of life really NaN or is it [object Object]. And since I like sharp things, I reached for C#.

"The project favours the prepared" and I was given a unique opportunity: to add an inanimate household as another family member. Using Google NLU, C# and crying, I created an integration for Google Home for the customer on the green field, which is on average eight times faster than their original competitive solution and allows smooth natural communication with their Smart Home solution. I even got the opportunity to talk about this integration at one of the largest regional conferences of VSE unIT.

Since multifunctionality is my third name (the second is convenience - editor's note), I thought about how to possibly combine what I have learned in the company over the years: administration, testing, automation, devops, deployment, architecting and development (C# and React Native). But I didn't have to think for a long time, because life at FPT came up with another opportunity for me and the team: to create a completely new Smart Home solution, completely from "Hello world".

Four Firms Came Together and Are Offering a Unique Education

Four Firms Came Together and Are Offering a Unique Education

Press release: The IT sector associated in Košice IT Valley shows Slovakia again that combining forces can create interesting projects for the general public. This time four major IT companies in Košice have come together to create a unique form of post-secondary education for Slovakia – Košice Academy of Software Development.

FPT, GlobalLogic, T-Systems Slovakia and Visma in cooperation with the Secondary Vocational School on Dneperská Street created education that is closely linked to practice.

“The East of Slovakia is once again an example of the fact that companies that are otherwise competing with each other in the labor market can come together for a good cause,” says Pavol Miroššay, Executive Director of Košice IT Valley.

Juraj Girman, chairman of the board and also the representative of the largest IT employer in the east, adds: “We have great job opportunities for talented students and today we offer them fast and quality education that is directly linked to practice. We want them to stay at home, not to consider going abroad or west of the country.”

The three-year post-secondary study at the Košice academy is focusing on the software development. Students devote half of their studies to learning various programming languages and the second half directly to projects in the participating companies.

Štefan Lacko from GlobalLogic sees many opportunities for graduates in the context of financial rewards. “Working on international projects brings graduates a very interesting financial remuneration. The best of them can get a job offering during their studies.”

An average salary in the IT sector even in the east exceeds the average wage in Slovakia, in case of senior positions several-fold.

“Unique in the offered form of study is the coming-together of four major IT companies from Košice. Students can try working in different companies. They get a better overview in doing so,” says Roman Klimčík from the Norwegian company Visma, which has been operating in Košice since 2018. This will also be one of those where students will be able to work after graduation.

Jozef Vojtko“The wide portfolio of international and innovative projects we have allows us to create a very interesting program for students and perfectly prepare them for the conditions that await them after their studies,” says Jozef Vojtko from FPT Slovakia.

Graduates on the labor market do not have to worry about their employment. There are currently more than 100 job openings in the IT Valley Košice cluster that require programming skills.

“We come from the experience that our school has a similar form of education. The teaching process will be provided by experts from companies and through our teachers,” adds Dušan Bosák, director of the private secondary technical school Dneperská 1 in Košice, where teaching will take place.

Applicants can apply at no later than by the end of May of this year.

Contact person for media: 

Ing. Pavol Miroššay – executive director Košice IT Valley – 0904 676 975


Fpt Slovakia as the Most Attractive Employer

Fpt Slovakia as the Most Attractive Employer

Fpt Slovakia have proved that in the eyes of the public they still belong among top companies in Slovakia.

On Wednesday 29 January 2020, we have defended our title from 2018 and acquired the 2nd place in the IT and Telecommunication category again in the Old Market Hall in Bratislava during the announcement of winners of the Most Attractive Employer 2019 voting.

We are very proud to have defended the 2nd place in our category in the Best Employer voting for the second time now. This outstanding result reflects our effort spent in the last season – investing in people in our company. We are looking forward to the future and further journey in this direction, thanks to which our team as well as the whole company is prospering,” said Mr. Olaf Baumann, the managing director of Fpt Slovakia.



This voting is being organized by the Profesia company for the 8th year now. In 2019, 189 firms have been nominated in 9 categories and 36,068 record-setting votes have decided on the winner. The goal of the voting is to demonstrate a real look of the employees, applicants and broad public of how they see the company as a whole. Their image, benefits, products, working environment, brand power, team, people.