KOŠICE 3. 10. 2022 – The jury in the competition HR Inšpirácia 2022, comprised of the CEOs from the companies with innovative approach, evaluated the Fpt Slovakia's project – „IT Volá domov“ to be the most inspiring and therefore was the company awarded first place amongst 22 other strong competitors of HR projects. The originality of the project lies in the innovative idea, thanks to which the company Fpt Slovakia recruited 300 brand ambassadors in its employees, which brought the wished-for results.

The Fpt Slovakia company needed to grow significantly and to provide required services to the customers. Despite the small number of recruiters and low budget, the company proved, that changing the thinking and point of view is enough for the success to come. The campaign IT Calls home has changed the previous understanding and strategy of recruiting new employees and experts from IT sector.

“With the help of middle and upper management, as well as all with the help of all the employee we created a concept, which cleverly helped us to hire 2-times more qualified employees. Our colleagues got together and worked with enthusiasm to spread positive image about our company,“ explains HR manager Lucia Tomková.

One of the substantial ingredients, which created the right HR cocktail, was the strengthening of the campaign with the new concept #polopate. It's an activity with the goal to understandably explain and present the technical parameters of open positions in a way they would be easily interpretable.


The success came quickly and thanks to the project, the company managed to multiply the interest in technological positions in the strong IT sector. Thanks to the campaign IT Calls home, they noticed the increase of relevant CVs of 250% and they gained 9-times more internal recommendations. It's also worth to mention the hard times after the COVID-19 pandemics, when the situation on the market was very difficult, as the employees were reluctant to consider the change. The FPT company managed to overcome these obstacles and to hire the required number of qualified employees by joining forces and by engaging in the organization. And as the company awaits a significant growth in SAP, development and smart solutions areas, it will appreciate the benefits of the campaign also in the upcoming period.


HR Inšpirácia is an award, which was created within the HRComm platform, which unites 144 organisations with the representation through HR directors and managers of HR Departments in various sectors. In 2022, 22 innovative projects were shortlisted as candidates for the award in two categories, the CEO Award and HR public award. The jury assessed not only the originality of the project, the difficulty-level of the implemented change, but also the real effect of the innovation on the functioning of the company.

“We, as the jury, perceive the area of recruitment to be the most crucial in HR, the winning project interested us because of the elegant solution, originality and the whole conceptualization of the idea in its entire complexity, the growth of engagement in the company or because of the ability to work together on solving the problems,“ revealed one of the jury Lucia Čišková, Managing Director in the Business Lease Slovakia company.