PRAGUE 31. 5. 2023 – Fpt Czech, s.r.o company starts a new era by opening a subsidiary in modern premises of the administrative building City Element in Prague. With the broadening of the services in other areas outside the SAP portfolio, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Java and Testing, there is a need for growth for the company by means of recruiting new IT specialists. At the same time, however, it is necessary to create a representative space for their full functioning because, despite the home-office benefit, it is also necessary to always develop relationships in team by meeting over coffee or having an interesting discussion.

Through the strategic combination of new competences, an innovative vision of the delivery centre, and a widened capacity of experienced people, we followed the success of the Slovak subsidiary. In one of the most prestigious competitions in the fields of recruiting, HR, and marketing, Recruitment Academy Awards, we gained a special success in the form of second place in the category Recruiting Campaign of the Year.

Fpt Czech company, as part of a global corporation, is a strong player not only on the home market but also on the international market thanks to a strong team and above-standard conditions.

The most important part of a well-functioning and fast delivering company that can succeed in a competitive market in the IT field are the three strong pillars. The first pillar is to offer work to people, which will be their driving motor and fulfil them. The second condition for success is to ensure that the employees are not stagnant and can always improve in a preferred field. And last but not least, people, as one of the most important parts of the company, must feel comfortable and happy in a team,” said Martin Mareš, one of the Managing Directors of the company.

The history of Fpt Czech started in 2014 with the establishment of Fpt Slovakia as a subsidiary and part of the global corporation Fpt Software, which is one of the 100 best outsourcing IT companies in the world. The prospering subsidiaries are almost on every continent – in Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. In 2022, Fpt Czech, s.r.o. grew, and on the basis of its broader portfolio of competences, it also addressed a number of new customers, which required further growth, and recruitment of experienced employees.