Role of the Tester in AGILE team

Role of the Tester in AGILE team

The agile approach remains a significant trend in software development, where the role of the tester is gradually pushed out of agile teams. On the contrary, the role of the developer within the agile team is expected to extend it to the area of testing, and thus to take over the tasks of the tester.

There is an effort that the people working on the project are both developers and testers and have the so-called developerˈs skills and testerˈs mindset.


However, it remains a well-known fact that the mindset of the developer and the tester are different from each other, which can be observed in each phase of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). While the developer asks questions: ˈHow would I program it? How to make it work? ˈ, the tester asks: ˈWhat can go wrong? Where there may be vulnerabilities? ˈ and views the product from the user's perspective.

The reduction in the number of people in teams and the limited time devoted to testing often result in software testing being done only superficially. The developer lacks the space for more thorough testing.

With lower testing requirements, product quality decreases and the number of bugs and bug fixes during one sprint increases. Subsequently, project managers begin to realize the need for quality improvement and specialized testers are invited to the project. Thanks to their creative approach, practical product grasp and logical thinking, qualified testers will ensure independent quality control at the output, even during agile development.

While the developer carries out as priority Unit tests and tests small fragments, the tester focuses on functional testing and integration testing. He tests rather procedurally. He understands customer requirements, context and the product as a whole.

Deploying independent testing before putting the product into production minimizes risk, detects and filters errors, determines the suitability of software for production, and thus saves time and money.

Accepting differences in the thinking of developers and testers is essential for well-functioning teams. Different approaches help to find the best solutions and lead to the delivery of a reliable product that meets the customer's requirements. Only cooperation hand in hand between the tester and the developer, mutual understanding and objective feedback guarantee the best product quality.


The ideal solution, division of roles and number of people in the team are still being sought. It depends on the quality of the people working on the project and the time limits - to what extent the developers can ensure the delivery of the final product in sufficient quality. However, it can be said with certainty that manual testing and the role of the tester is important and cannot be ruled out even with AGILE approaches.



SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform


The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is nothing new. It has been available for several years. From the beginning, an ordinary cloud service is undergoing a major transformation this year into an integrated platform, as the core for a smart enterprise.

We have prepared a "mini series" for you, in which we will present this platform for enterprise SAP solutions. We will gradually analyze Administration, Development, Architecture and DevOps in SAP BTP.


SAP BTP is a collection of assets. It enables customers to achieve agility, business value, and continuous innovation through the integration, data to value, and scalability of all SAP and third-party applications and data assets.

It is based on a database component in the form of SAP HANA with predictive analysis. Other components include intelligent technologies such as robotic process automation RPA, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Finally, integration and application development along with multi-extensibility.


A wide range of in-memory database management systems are available in this section ensuring compliance and optimizing storage and analysis. The in-memory database provides real-time access to data and offers support for various data types and models.

  • SAP HANA is a column-oriented in-memory database that runs advanced analytics along with high-speed transactions in one system. It enables to process huge amounts of data with almost zero latency. SAP HANA offers:
    • online analytical processing (OLAP)
    • online transaction processing (OLTP)
    • on-premise
  • SAP HANA Cloud is fully managed in-memory cloud database as a service (Database as a Service) The service offers:
    • Cloud data base for SAP BTP
    • SAP HANA engine
    • Cloud or hybrid deployment

Fig: Comparison of management of both platforms

  • SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) service offers:
    • High performance SQL database server
    • High and reliable online transaction processing (OLTP)
  • SAP IQ is a system of relational database management that also:
    •  serves for analytical tasks of big data files
    •  is SQL standardized
  • SAP Data Intelligence is a complex solution for data management that offers:
    • connection to any data across whole enterprise structure
    • transformation and extension of data between data types
    • robust, searchable data catalogue

Analysis solutions help create real-time reports through machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and advanced analysis. Reports allow you to analyze past and present situations and simulate future scenarios. For example, the Analytics section offers:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud
    • unified BI
    • extended analyse
    • business planning
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - analytically and personally managed modern data warehouse as a service, adapted to business and IT.
  • SAP Integration Suite – integration platform as a service (iPaaS), allows users to implement projects integration of data, applications, API and processes involving any combination of cloud and local end points.
  • SAP Extension Suite – preconfigured services and tools to simplify development, management and automation of applications without interrupting core applications
    • Ready-to-use services and templates and faster development
    • Low-code and pro-code development tools
    • Easy application lifecycle management by separating their extensions
  • SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – automation of repeate manual processes by creating, planning, managing and monitoring of intelligent robots.
    • Visual design of work flows supported by robots
    • API intended for improvement of performance and continuity of robots
    • Automation of robots prepared in advance for SAP software
  • SAP Internet of Things (IoT)
    • IoT application development service and integration into enterprise applications
    • big data built in and managed
    • IoT data enriched with business context, rules and integration frame based on events
    • analytical services with live integration into SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP has moved to the cloud and offers extensive options not only for new, but especially for its existing customers.

It is no longer a closed system with narrow boundaries, but an available online platform coexisting with third parties, using an open-source basis.

You will find here: integration, scalability, extensive real-time data processing and analysis, visualization evaluation, intelligent planning and, of course, artificial intelligence.

Thanks to SAP BTP, there is no need to move everything immediately to the cloud, there is the possibility of a hybrid service, where the customer can continue to use their on-premise solutions and connect them with new intelligent and high-performance cloud services.

All connected in one platform - Business Technology Platform.

Become an SAP Expert in a Team of Senior Consultants and Developers

Become an SAP Expert in a Team of Senior Consultants and Developers

For all those who want to become SAP consultants or ABAP developers, we are opening our years-proven FPT SAP Academy.

The academy is suitable for graduating students and university graduates, but also for those who are looking for a change and are not afraid of new challenges. It is an ideal opportunity to learn something new, or enter the world of IT and start a whole new career. Candidate requirements include knowledge of English or German and analytical thinking. In the case of ABAP developers, knowledge of the programming language is also required.

"I recommend the SAP Academy to anyone who wants to break into the world of SAP, but has no or only minimal experience. It's a great opportunity.“ Marek, ABAP developer, graduate, February 2017

Apply by March 1, 2022 and after a successful interview and signing a contract, external and internal mentors will work with you for two months and teach you everything important for working in this area. During the academy you will understand what SAP is, how its individual modules differ and what the work of an SAP consultant or ABAP developer involves. After graduating from the academy, you will be working on a project under the guidance of a mentor with a smooth career advancement ahead of you.

"I definitely recommend the Academy. It gives you the opportunity to change your work focus, work on yourself and meet new people.“ Andrej, SAP Consultant, graduate, September 2021

As motivation, we give you sign-on bonus vo výške 500 EUR of course, a great team. As a matter of fact, there is also language training or unlimited access to the Udemy for business e-learning platform.

More than 55 colleagues have already completed the Academy at FPT, and you can be one of them.

Are you still hesitating? This is how our colleagues / graduates will convince you:

„We were a super team at the academy. We had great lecturers who taught us the basis from each module, we got an overview and based on that we could choose which module we would like to continue with." Julka, SAP consultant, graduate, April 2019

"Without FPT SAP Academy, I probably would never have gotten into programming as a profession." David, ABAP developer, graduate April 2019

Tools Support Services

Tools Support Services

Care for support and stability of applications throughout their life cycle.

Each application has its own life cycle, during which it is exposed to a number of different factors. In individual phases, there is a mutual interaction with the user, there are changes in customer requirements, application is improved and updated, or data migrated.

Ensuring the support and stability of dozens of customer applications throughout their entire life cycle is the task of the 11-member team at FPT Slovakia, which operates within the Tools Support service.

"The team was established in 2011 and has been constantly expanding since then, which is proof of the quality of our work and customer satisfaction. The increasing number of managed applications gives us room for variability of tasks within the team, growth and expansion of knowledge," says Kamil Sagan, Team Leader responsible for Integration, Collaboration & Quality Solutions.

Responsibility for applications from start to finish

The team is responsible for the administration and maintenance of applications from the moment of their creation or deployment (on server, cloud or on-premise), through configuration, maintenance, upgrade to possible replacement or decommissioning of the application. Part of the portfolio of services provided is also ensuring the stability of applications when migrating customer data to the cloud.

Support is provided for a wide range of applications and tools, namely collaboration tools i. e. tools for support of the collaboration (eg MURAL, Confluence, Mentimeter or Slack), application performance monitoring tools, file sharing and transfer tools (eg Quatrix), project management applications (eg Trello, Planview Enterprise One), workflow management tools (eg JIRA), CI / CD tools (eg Nexus, Bitbucket) and many others.

The growing portfolio brings new opportunities

"Working in the Tools Support team is very dynamic, with primary customers mainly from Germany and the United Kingdom. The cooperation takes place in agile teams, together we provide professional service for more than 7,000 users in dozens of different applications that we cover,” explains Kamil Sagan.

Since January 2022, the FPT IT Academy has been running at FPT Slovakia. Its goal is to train future employees, including the Tools Support team. Due to the constantly expanding catalogue of managed applications, those interested in IT education or hobbies and experience with application management, working with databases, proxy server and knowledge of German and English in FTP Slovakia will certainly find their application. prihlás sa na otvorenú pozíciu do 30.11.2021.

Super ride with FPT

Super ride with FPT

What's the best way to present the culture of the company? Through its colleagues. So we asked them what their work at FPT brings them, what they really succeeded in, what are they proud of, and created the Success Story section.

ONDREJ HUGÁŇ, SAP NetWeaver Application and Technical Consultant

It was a nice sunny Thursday. The date was June 19, 2014, and I, nervously, along with other colleagues, am sitting in the meeting room of the Hilton Hotel, awaiting the speech of our new FPT Chairman, Mr. Binh. It was the year when, after 10 years of existence as RWE IT Slovakia, we became a subsidiary of FPT Software called Fpt Slovakia. Thousands of diverse thoughts swirled in each of our heads. Jovial talk of Mr. Binh and a gift in the form of a tablet and a backpack improved the mood of many.

Now, after years, I have to say that it really wasn't that bad. I even dare to say that it was a "super ride"! I don't regret a second that FPT and I had a chance with each other. One got a new distance from the action, was moved out from the comfort zone and began to look at things with different eyes. Suddenly, there were many opportunities around us to be dealt with properly. As one of my superiors used to say, "This is not a problem, this is a challenge!"

Training for Vietnamese colleagues was my first Asian experience (except for the Panda bistro opposite our building :)). The bonus was that I met a lot of great people and I kept in touch with many of them even after years. I also like to mention the  pioneering times with "SAP HANA" technology, when we worked together with Fpt colleagues on the Startup project, while others still thought that HANA was just a nice female name :). FPT gave me the opportunity to be active in various areas. I have always felt support for what I do and how I do it, for which I am very grateful. Whenever I manage to successfully complete a project or overcome a new work problem, it fills me with joy and satisfaction even after years. When our customer is satisfied, it makes a good name for our entire company, and then I am especially proud to be part of this talented team that we have in Košice.

Coffee Session with Robo

Coffee Session with Robo

Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture.

RÓBERT ŽELIZŇÁK, Finance and Controlling

When I get up for work, I look forward to: Lunch.

My career path: In IT, it started with the first steps with a PC still in the time of the Didaktik Alfa and PMD 85. When I first started working, I started as an SAP IS-U consultant and gradually went through several modules (FI-CA, Master Data, CIC, Device Management, IDE). After a few years, in addition to consulting work, I also accepted the role of a team leader. Another milestone was taking responsibility for finance in our company and everything related to it (sometimes not so. In parallel to the activities in the field of finance, it was a very interesting experience to build and run a completely new team for reporting and BI / QlikView. This challenge was soon replaced by another, even bigger one: transformation and integration of the entire "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group and ensuring of everything related to it.

I am responsible for: Finance - controlling - reporting - budgeting - contracts - back office.

The most amazing part of my job is: The one I don't have to do anymore, because I systematically solved it "yesterday".

The biggest challenge I faced: The transformation and integration of the entire "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group.

The most memorable moment in my career: It is connected with the transformation and integration of the "FI" from the RWE environment into the FPT group.

I expect people to: Everyone will do their job as if they were doing it for themselves, or for your company.

When leading people I consider important: Fairness.

When I’m not working: Then I'm working on something else… And when I'm not really working, I'm cycling or solving construction details and puzzles or broadening my horizons.