We awarded the active participation and contribution of our employees

We awarded the active participation and contribution of our employees

We haven’t broken the yearly tradition of giving the FPT TOP PERFORMER awards, not even this year. The common denominator of the candidates for this price is a significant contribution for the company in the form of fulfilling the goals. The choice of colleagues for this award is a difficult process because only the best of the best have met in our company. A group of five ended up in the role of the nominees this year, as they shone a bit brighter than the other ones thanks to their year-long work and activities. They are connected by extraordinary personal development, exceptional performance, by which they contributed to the significant progress of the company by participation in key projects or by prestigious representation of the company and by creating its positive image.

Veronika Staruchová – professional in every aspect

The first awarded employee was our purposeful and ambitions colleague Veronika Staruchová. Her successful journey in FPT began in 2015, when the history of the ServiceNow programme began to be written. Step by step, as she was getting to know the project, the team for the important customer has grown and Veronika held the so-called Quality Gate and in the following years the programme thrived only more and more. Thanks to her exceptional pre-sale abilities, we got many well-known customers.

Her inexhaustible work gained success on various events, where she presented the ServiceNow programme through various forums and channels. Together with other colleagues, she made use of her experiences when working with the unique global programme (EU/APAC) for education in ServiceNow, where she was overseeing the output quality. On top of that, she designed the whole Service Offering in ServiceNow, which she presents every month to the potential customers.

Her superiors regard Veronika as a purposeful and incredibly competent person. Besides her incredible work tempo, she's a full-time mother. We were interested in how it is possible to combine such great work engagement, self-discipline, and ardour to the project together with the motherly duties toward a small boy.

“Purposefulness, diligence and self-discipline are a big part of me in privacy as well, so luckily it isn't something I have to find or force myself into. . When it comes to diligence, I like my job and I enjoy the technology I've been working with since 2014 and most of all I like to explore new challenges and I want for our team to move forward,“ Veronika commented on her work engagement.

“I'm aware that my actions or reactions influence others, and I take it really seriously. To combine a small child with work definitely wasn't easy, and I remember many people discouraging me, but in my opinion where's will there's a way. I think that I'm a living example, that family and career can be combined, but it's necessary to set boundaries so that the person manages everything he or she puts on the shoulders.”

And her plans for future?

Where would she like to move forward? “When it comes to a vision for the future, I definitely want our ServiceNow team to move forward, to open new areas we will be able to cover, to find colleagues in new localities and most of all to enable our people to grow. I believe we have a tendency to achieve all this and much more.”

Milan Peťko – a poet with IT soul

To a roaring applause, Milan Peťko – our stalwart in the starry sky of FPT received the award as well. Milan, who’s the part of our team already since 2006 worked shortly as SAP consultant. Later he got interested in the area he's working in until today, and he's one of our most experienced ABAP programmers.

Everyone, who wants to get better in their job and achieve new goals knows, that it's impossible without constant self-studying. That's why Milan wasn't waiting with folded hands for the success and used his work enthusiasm and started to educate himself systematically. He implemented the gained skills into the company. The foreign customers turn to Milan frequently and with confidence thanks to his high level of expertise. Always and under any circumstances, he's willing to share his experience and knowledge, helps the less-experienced colleagues, and he constantly motivates them to a better performance.

Milan is known among colleagues because of his humour, by which he overcomes all communication barriers, and changes the formal relations to friendly ones. Besides diligence and purposefulness, he got a soul of a poet, thanks to which he creates a unique poetry to cheer the colleagues and friends. He's also familiar with presentation skills, which he frequently uses not only when teaching in the company, but also in mentoring of students at university faculties in Košice. He successfully represented the FPT company on many professional events.

We asked Milan, what contributes to his loyalty towards the company, as he's been in FPT for almost 17 years and also what motivates him and what does he like about his position.

“I work in a perfect team, where we support each other. I like about my position, that I can do not only support, but also work on new innovative projects.”

Rasťo Beťko – an inexhaustible well of ideas

Another of the awarded ones, who got to the stage, was Rasťo Beťko - SAP consultant in FPT Czech. Even though he came to FPT in March this year, he became a part of the team unbelievably fast and shortly after he became a desired mentor for our newcomers. His extensive experience on the SAP business consultant position predestined him for success, he wasn't waiting long for. He's one of the key adepts to become a full partner in the SAP S/4 Cloud Area. During his short but intensive stay, he already managed to take part in two S/4HANA implementation projects, even though he was only getting used to the work of SAP consultant at that time.

Rasťo is a person, who constantly brings new ideas to the wide range of company processes. He is also a convincing recruiter, as he recommended his former colleagues to become a part of our FPT family.

When we asked him, where does he get the motivation and driving power for his brisk tempo and many ideas, he answered humbly and honestly:

“I'm a newcomer in the company and as for everyone new, the driving power are the new people, new environment, technology, and processes. The colleagues motivate me the most by sharing their knowledge and experience, and thanks to that we move forward together.”

Anna Vojtková – with IT in blood

Talented tester Anka Vojtková wasn't missing at the award ceremony. Her name became known to the colleagues in connection to the ServiceNow programme, where she tenaciously worked as the first tester. Even though she hasn't been in FPT for a long time, with her diligence and purposefulness she has rightfully defended her place in the spotlight and has already tried to be a test manager in one of the leading projects.

Anka came to FPT last year in August and this year the new Academists got to meet her, when she taught them the basics of testing and agile testing. She wasn't idle in her activities, and she proactively took part in documents update, which all testers read as a part of the new regulation.

From her approach to work, it's obvious that she enjoys working in FPT. That's why we asked her if she always wanted to work in IT.

“I was always interested in IT. I studied finance, and in my dissertation, I created the analysis in a way I could script econometric models. On top of that, most of my family works in IT area,” revealed Anka with a smile.

Maroš Dzuriš – experienced mentor in body and soul

The colleague Maroš Dzuriš closed the group of this-year's five TOP PERFORMERS. His potential showed at the beginning of the summer in 2011. After his participation in the FPT Summer School, he decided that he will become a part-timer on the Test Analyst position and enter a career life. But in spring 2012, his colleague lured him to the team of test automation engineers, where he has stayed until today and has reached one success after another. He was there when the CME department was created as one of the Test Automation Leads, where he as an experienced mentor supported the less experienced, younger colleagues..

As an expert in a particular topic, he started to take part in various presales activities, POC, analysis, and proposals for customers and he does so even today. The fact that the test automation is alpha and omega for him is obvious because he can talk about it with enthusiasm for hours during various events such as Summer School, Cool School, FPT Test Hub, FPT IT Academy, RPA Academy, Test Academy and many more

And what motivates Maroš to continuously deliver such highly rated performances?

“Every day is different. Sometimes it's my colleagues, other times an interesting work challenge. But one thing is for sure, I would like to continue to expand my knowledge, to improve my soft skills and to dedicate myself to passing on my experience to the young talents within the Fpt Slovakia. What's next? We'll see where the fate will take me,” uzavrel svoje rozjímanie milovník pretekárskych áut a rally podujatí.

FPT TOP PERFORMERS and PATRIOTS 2022 together on one stage

The award ceremony FPT TOP PERFORMER 2022 took place on the Employee Assembly - employees' meeting in a magical mountain hotel in Tale region. Besides the award, which reflects a significant contribution to the company, every year we award loyalty as well. Together with the commitment it’s also about values on which the basic principles of our company are built. Every year we express our thanks and respect by the award FPT PATRIOT to the employees, who have been with us already for 15 years. This year, we thank the nine brave ones - Selma Drvenica, Danka Dubcová, Ondro Hugáň, Marta Ivanová, Stanka Kolarčíková, Táňa Kuchtaninová, Ján Péti, Mário Tóth a Veronika Zvirinská. THANK YOU!

Obľúbený nástroj test automatizérov – Cypress

The automation engineers' favourite tool - Cypress

You've probably experienced many situations, in which you've cursed the work tools, which are an inevitable part of your everyday work. Just like a butcher needs a sharp knife, a courier needs a mobile van and a bricklayer needs a good-quality mortar, the developer of automated tests also needs to have the right tool for his job – a tool which is a good fit for the tested object and everyday work..

Not that our “automation engineers'” previous tool wasn't doing its job, on the contrary, a few years ago it was an ideal solution. As it sometimes happens, the years have passed and the tool has lost its effectiveness. In the following article we would like to describe our beginnings, as well as the migration process of our previous “backend” test automation based on the Micro Focus UFT to very popular and by the community well-liked tool – to Cypress.


The format of the so-called innovative Fridays has become the Cypress' starting line. The first test concept designed in this tool was created on this workshop, which is organized on our project regularly once in a quarter of a year. The topics are collected in advance, while everybody can join either with their own idea or just join the already existing idea and a group, which then develops this idea and works on the first solution.

Some people involved in the project considered the Cypress an appropriate alternative already for a long time. The developers from one of the “scrum” teams had even begun to use it in isolation, but most of the test automation engineers were using the previous tool. Gradually, four more teams joined the first team, so the new tool was gaining even more space.


The migration was specific and unique in that only teams working with the system application layer were involved. Our project is quite huge and most people within the project work with the functional and integrational testing of one or more microservices (Spring Boot). That's why it was necessary to choose a universal tool designed for the test automation. Even though the Cypress is presented mostly as a UI tool, it doesn't miss out on elements, which enable to cover the whole process from the database through the REST service, “messaging”, SOAP communication to the already mentioned web presentation layer.

Moreover, the Node JS, in which the Cypress operates, provides the modularity by NPM, which is a public package manager for JavaScript providing a wide palette of plugins. As application layer testers, we were offered an opportunity to “misuse” one of our developers' unit test tools, but we decided to keep the decentralized set-up of the project. In practice, it means that as developers of automated tests we were partly separated, despite our close contact with our teams (mostly the developers).


In the preparation of Cypress for its atypical role for web services testing, some questions have emerged, to which we needed to find the suitable answers.


In case it's a small and easy application, the solution is very easy, thus one Cypress project for everything. But our situation was different. Since each of the microservices represents a separate application with a bunch of functionalities, there could be a problem with the code sharing, if we created a separate Cypress project for every microservice. Moreover, the work would be slowed down, because every team manages multiple microservices, and the tester would have to switch projects constantly.

We thought about a different approach, and thus to create one big global repository with all the tests for 20+ microservices. However, the final solution was the middle path. We divided the applications to clusters, which got the dedicated Cypress project. In practice, it means that every team has one repository, because it handles a group of “backend” applications, which have the common technical denominator.


As the test management tool we were using ALM, which is compatible with UFT, but difficult to integrate with Cypress. We temporarily chose the path for the reports' creation with the help of the Mochawesome library, which generates an HTML report after the test execution. We save the HTML reports to Gite together with the tests in a separate folder, and we add the report to the particular user story by link.


Nowadays is the integration of automated tests to “the CI/ID pipeline” very popular, however we decided not to use it in our project. The main reason is the way of code testing by our developers. Besides the unit tests, they also create the so-called system tests, which are integrated in the “build pipeline”. These are very similar to our function tests, but in comparison with our test, they use less testing scenarios. That's why we decided not to apply another testing layer.


For an easy access, we used the NPM package “mysql”.


We used the existing configuration server, which serves for the Spring Boot applications. We access it with the help of other NCM package ("cloud-config-server"), by which we always have all the required access data, which are in case of change updated by our developers.  


After solving the technical matters, we started to share the knowledge and to plan the migration. The process of education and sharing of the know-how went very well, even though we have been using the low code environment 90% of the time before. The developers of automated tests got accustomed to Cypress quite fast. The migration plan was a bit more difficult. Already from the beginning, we anticipated that such number of tests won't be that easy to migrate, as the Cypress is a completely different tool. And so the only thing left for us, was to start planning gradual manual migration of one test after the other. The numbers were surprising for everyone. There were lots of tests, that's why every team got the space to optimize its projects and to estimate the migration time. Based on all the teams' estimates, we decided to migrate gradually quarter of year by quarter of year and develop new tests in the meantime.

The migration itself went smoothly, and in the moment we use the UFT only to gain the required information from the previous test to create a new one in Cypress.


After some time, we found out that not every decision of ours was correct. For example, by separating the repositories we caused that every developer of automatized tests is doing their own solution implementation in Cypress. However, the most important is, that the whole situation is significantly better than it was when we were using the previous tool for test automation. Cypress is much more effective and its biggest advantage is the time saving.

Autor: Jozef Kováč

FPT IT Academy – posuň svoju kariéru na vyšší level

FPT IT Academy – posuň svoju kariéru na vyšší level

Už o pár mesiacov, konkrétne vo februári 2023, odštartuje ďalší ročník vzdelávania prostredníctvom FPT IT Academy. Tentokrát bude štúdium určené pre šikovných ľudí z oblasti Java Development a DevOps, ktorí si chcú prehĺbiť svoje teoretické znalosti, zdokonaliť praktické skúsenosti či naštartovať svoju IT kariéru v FPT Slovakia. Tohtoročnou novinkou je príležitosť zapojiť sa do projektu aj pre českých záujemcov, nakoľko štartuje aj prvý ročník  Akadémie v Českej republike.

Pre úspešných uchádzačov, ktorí sa registrujú do konca decembra, sa v novom roku naskytne šanca zmeniť svoj doterajší život. Dvojmesačné štúdium zamerané na prehĺbenie teoretických i praktických znalostí z oblasti Java Development a DevOps bude od začiatku podporené špičkovými internými i externými lektormi a nadštandardnými vzdelávacími metódami, ktoré spĺňajú tú najvyššiu profesionálnu úroveň.

Neoceniteľnou výhodou tohto projektu je pracovná zmluva od samého začiatku, ktorá akademistom zaručuje pravidelný plat od prvého mesiaca vzdelávania. Tento benefit im umožňuje sústrediť sa výhradne a plnohodnotne na štúdium a zlepšovať požadované zručnosti. Navyše, všetci uchádzači zaregistrovaní do konca decembra, získajú aj sign-on bonus v hodnote 500 eur. Ďalšou nespornou výhodou, hlavne pre cezpoľných záujemcov, je možnosť vzdelávania prostredníctvom Home office.


Akadémia je určená pre všetkých, ktorým učarovala práca s Javou a radi by si sa v tejto oblasti zdokonalili a posunuli tak svoju kariéru na vyšší level. Je to príležitosť aj pre tých, ktorí hľadajú zmenu, zaujímavé výzvy či svieži vietor do plachiet v profesijnom živote.

“Na prijatie do tohto projektu je dôležité splniť niekoľko podmienok registrácie. Jednou zo základných požiadaviek je minimálne ročná skúsenosť s prácou v programovacích jazykoch, ako napr. Java, Kotlin, Python či C# alebo znalosť operačných systémov Windows a Linux. Nevyhnutným predpokladom je aj aspoň ročná skúsenosť s programovaním a skriptovaním,“ približuje podmienky registrácie recruiterka Dominika Spišáková. Samozrejmosťou je plynulá angličtina, avšak znalosť nemeckého jazyka je veľkou výhodou. Chuť vzdelávať sa a učiť sa nové technológie tiež nesmú chýbať v potrebnej výbave budúcich absolventov FPT IT Academy.


Na Akadémii sme sa stretli perfektná partia a okrem neoceniteľných poznatkov a vedomostí som získal aj skvelých parťákov do voza i do koča. Vždy som túžil uplatniť sa v  spoločnosti, ktorá ocení moju snahu a posunie ma na profesijnom rebríčku vpred. Prostredníctvom Akadémie sa mi to podarilo, stal som sa plnohodnotným členom FPT rodiny, v ktorej pracujem už vyše 5 rokov. Pridanou hodnotou pre mňa je, že sa nikdy nenudím, pretože neustále pracujem na projektoch, ktoré mi otvárajú nové obzory,“ prezrádza absolvent Akadémie Marek.

„Pridanou hodnotou projektu je, že čas seniorov využívame efektívne, keďže učia veľkú skupinu ľudí naraz a nie v priebehu roka, keď postupne prichádzajú do firmy. Máme možnosť vychovať si ľudí pre naše potreby, čo nám uľahčuje proces zaradenia do produkcie,“ objasňuje Martin Petrík manažér programu FPT Akadémie.


Po zdarnom absolvovaní Akadémie sa úspešní absolventi naplno včlenia do pracovného procesu na zaujímavých úlohách pod vedením skúsených mentorov. Záleží potom už len na ich šikovnosti, ako sa bude ich kariéra vyvíjať, nakoľko spoločnosť Fpt Slovakia dokáže potenciál a snahu svojich zamestnancov oceniť, a to nielen formou množstva benefitov, ale aj úspešným kariérnym postupom. Každý má šancu a príležitosť uspieť a prehlbovať svoje zručnosti či znalosti. Svedčí o tom aj počet zamestnancov, ktorí sa stali súčasťou spoločnosti prostredníctvom podobných vzdelávacích kurzov. Ide o 20 až 36 ľudí ročne v závislosti od technológie, pre ktorú sa hľadajú.

Prihlás sa na FPT IT Akadémiu na Slovensku.

Prihlás sa na FPT IT Akadémiu do Čiech.


Dream Work at FPT for the SNOW Platform

Dream Work at FPT for the SNOW Platform

ServiceNow, or SNOW, as we popularly call it at Fpt Slovakia, is a technology platform that includes a set of tools for effective management and administration of company-wide processes. SNOW started at Fpt Slovakia in 2017. Since its beginning, Veronika Staruchová, as a Senior Business Consultant, has been working there. She knows best what opportunities the platform offers not only to customers, but also to IT specialists who work in it.

What do you need to know before deciding on your dream job?  

There were times when an applicant when interested in a position in an IT company, had to have a university degree. But times are changing and FPT also offers the opportunity to improve one’s knowledge and experience in the IT field within ServiceNow.

"It is important that the applicant has a technical background. A university with a technological focus is not a prerequisite, but it is great, as it will give the student a very good view of the IT world. If the applicant does not have a university, we take into account the projects he/she has completed and also self-education, which is very important in IT,“ explains Veronika adding that in addition to programming, the applicant should also speak English or German.   

Apart from the CV, the interview, which consists of several parts, is also important. The core of the interview is in English. "The length of the interview and degree of difficulty depend on the level that the candidate is at. When we are sure that the candidate speaks English at a good level, we do not stretch it unnecessarily. We also verify their knowledge of IT, while we are used to giving them an assignment in the form of a logical example or examples from JavaScript if the candidate is a junior or a candidate for the academy. We also familiarize each candidate with the level of knowledge in the various areas of ServiceNow that our customers require. The match between the IT specialist and our customer is therefore very important.” 

The FPT ServiceNow Training Program Prepares You for a Real Life of an IT Specialist  

After a successful interview, the first day of dream work comes, which is rather administrative. You won't get to Veronica and the other mentors until the next day, during which your training journey begins.

„My colleague and I have prepared a training plan that is full of different topics and tasks. These are mainly practical assignments, but there is also a theoretical part that every junior student must master. At the end of each assignment, there is an evaluation with a mentor, during which they must present their knowledge.”

Training will teach you everything about the ServiceNow platform, so you will not be thrown into the water. On the contrary, our mentors will always be at hand and help you in your IT career development. After a while, you can move from a junior position to a medior or senior - it depends on your skills.  

Working on the ServiceNow platform is not monotonous, which is why it is so popular. You can learn a lot in the field of development, testing, architecture, or even in the field of business analysis - it's up to you which area you want to develop. Since April, several IT enthusiasts have passed through the gates of our training program and we are still looking for some more in our team.   

"I've been on this platform since its beginning, where the two of us, me and my fellow developer started. We only had one customer and, best of all, we still work for him. We have good relationships and what is good for us is his positive feedback, which allows us to grow. That's why we are looking for another enthusiast in our team," adds at the end Veronika 

We are currently looking for colleagues for our SNOW team, who want to learn and at the same time work on global projects of global clients. If you are interested in this offer, have some IT experience and you are not afraid, write to us and we will be happy to welcome you in our SNOW team. 

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform


The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is nothing new. It has been available for several years. From the beginning, an ordinary cloud service is undergoing a major transformation this year into an integrated platform, as the core for a smart enterprise.

We have prepared a "mini series" for you, in which we will present this platform for enterprise SAP solutions. We will gradually analyze Administration, Development, Architecture and DevOps in SAP BTP.


SAP BTP is a collection of assets. It enables customers to achieve agility, business value, and continuous innovation through the integration, data to value, and scalability of all SAP and third-party applications and data assets.

It is based on a database component in the form of SAP HANA with predictive analysis. Other components include intelligent technologies such as robotic process automation RPA, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Finally, integration and application development along with multi-extensibility.


A wide range of in-memory database management systems are available in this section ensuring compliance and optimizing storage and analysis. The in-memory database provides real-time access to data and offers support for various data types and models.

  • SAP HANA is a column-oriented in-memory database that runs advanced analytics along with high-speed transactions in one system. It enables to process huge amounts of data with almost zero latency. SAP HANA offers:
    • online analytical processing (OLAP)
    • online transaction processing (OLTP)
    • on-premise
  • SAP HANA Cloud is fully managed in-memory cloud database as a service (Database as a Service) The service offers:
    • Cloud data base for SAP BTP
    • SAP HANA engine
    • Cloud or hybrid deployment

Fig: Comparison of management of both platforms

  • SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) service offers:
    • High performance SQL database server
    • High and reliable online transaction processing (OLTP)
  • SAP IQ is a system of relational database management that also:
    •  serves for analytical tasks of big data files
    •  is SQL standardized
  • SAP Data Intelligence is a complex solution for data management that offers:
    • connection to any data across whole enterprise structure
    • transformation and extension of data between data types
    • robust, searchable data catalogue

Analysis solutions help create real-time reports through machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and advanced analysis. Reports allow you to analyze past and present situations and simulate future scenarios. For example, the Analytics section offers:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud
    • unified BI
    • extended analyse
    • business planning
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - analytically and personally managed modern data warehouse as a service, adapted to business and IT.
  • SAP Integration Suite – integration platform as a service (iPaaS), allows users to implement projects integration of data, applications, API and processes involving any combination of cloud and local end points.
  • SAP Extension Suite – preconfigured services and tools to simplify development, management and automation of applications without interrupting core applications
    • Ready-to-use services and templates and faster development
    • Low-code and pro-code development tools
    • Easy application lifecycle management by separating their extensions
  • SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – automation of repeate manual processes by creating, planning, managing and monitoring of intelligent robots.
    • Visual design of work flows supported by robots
    • API intended for improvement of performance and continuity of robots
    • Automation of robots prepared in advance for SAP software
  • SAP Internet of Things (IoT)
    • IoT application development service and integration into enterprise applications
    • big data built in and managed
    • IoT data enriched with business context, rules and integration frame based on events
    • analytical services with live integration into SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP has moved to the cloud and offers extensive options not only for new, but especially for its existing customers.

It is no longer a closed system with narrow boundaries, but an available online platform coexisting with third parties, using an open-source basis.

You will find here: integration, scalability, extensive real-time data processing and analysis, visualization evaluation, intelligent planning and, of course, artificial intelligence.

Thanks to SAP BTP, there is no need to move everything immediately to the cloud, there is the possibility of a hybrid service, where the customer can continue to use their on-premise solutions and connect them with new intelligent and high-performance cloud services.

All connected in one platform - Business Technology Platform.

Become an SAP Expert in a Team of Senior Consultants and Developers

Become an SAP Expert in a Team of Senior Consultants and Developers

For all those who want to become SAP consultants or ABAP developers, we are opening our years-proven FPT SAP Academy.

The academy is suitable for graduating students and university graduates, but also for those who are looking for a change and are not afraid of new challenges. It is an ideal opportunity to learn something new, or enter the world of IT and start a whole new career. Candidate requirements include knowledge of English or German and analytical thinking. In the case of ABAP developers, knowledge of the programming language is also required.

"I recommend the SAP Academy to anyone who wants to break into the world of SAP, but has no or only minimal experience. It's a great opportunity.“ Marek, ABAP developer, graduate, February 2017

Apply by March 1, 2022 and after a successful interview and signing a contract, external and internal mentors will work with you for two months and teach you everything important for working in this area. During the academy you will understand what SAP is, how its individual modules differ and what the work of an SAP consultant or ABAP developer involves. After graduating from the academy, you will be working on a project under the guidance of a mentor with a smooth career advancement ahead of you.

"I definitely recommend the Academy. It gives you the opportunity to change your work focus, work on yourself and meet new people.“ Andrej, SAP Consultant, graduate, September 2021

As motivation, we give you sign-on bonus vo výške 500 EUR of course, a great team. As a matter of fact, there is also language training or unlimited access to the Udemy for business e-learning platform.

More than 55 colleagues have already completed the Academy at FPT, and you can be one of them.

Are you still hesitating? This is how our colleagues / graduates will convince you:

„We were a super team at the academy. We had great lecturers who taught us the basis from each module, we got an overview and based on that we could choose which module we would like to continue with." Julka, SAP consultant, graduate, April 2019

"Without FPT SAP Academy, I probably would never have gotten into programming as a profession." David, ABAP developer, graduate April 2019