We haven’t broken the yearly tradition of giving the FPT TOP PERFORMER awards, not even this year. The common denominator of the candidates for this price is a significant contribution for the company in the form of fulfilling the goals. The choice of colleagues for this award is a difficult process because only the best of the best have met in our company. A group of five ended up in the role of the nominees this year, as they shone a bit brighter than the other ones thanks to their year-long work and activities. They are connected by extraordinary personal development, exceptional performance, by which they contributed to the significant progress of the company by participation in key projects or by prestigious representation of the company and by creating its positive image.

Veronika Staruchová – professional in every aspect

The first awarded employee was our purposeful and ambitions colleague Veronika Staruchová. Her successful journey in FPT began in 2015, when the history of the ServiceNow programme began to be written. Step by step, as she was getting to know the project, the team for the important customer has grown and Veronika held the so-called Quality Gate and in the following years the programme thrived only more and more. Thanks to her exceptional pre-sale abilities, we got many well-known customers.

Her inexhaustible work gained success on various events, where she presented the ServiceNow programme through various forums and channels. Together with other colleagues, she made use of her experiences when working with the unique global programme (EU/APAC) for education in ServiceNow, where she was overseeing the output quality. On top of that, she designed the whole Service Offering in ServiceNow, which she presents every month to the potential customers.

Her superiors regard Veronika as a purposeful and incredibly competent person. Besides her incredible work tempo, she's a full-time mother. We were interested in how it is possible to combine such great work engagement, self-discipline, and ardour to the project together with the motherly duties toward a small boy.

“Purposefulness, diligence and self-discipline are a big part of me in privacy as well, so luckily it isn't something I have to find or force myself into. . When it comes to diligence, I like my job and I enjoy the technology I've been working with since 2014 and most of all I like to explore new challenges and I want for our team to move forward,“ Veronika commented on her work engagement.

“I'm aware that my actions or reactions influence others, and I take it really seriously. To combine a small child with work definitely wasn't easy, and I remember many people discouraging me, but in my opinion where's will there's a way. I think that I'm a living example, that family and career can be combined, but it's necessary to set boundaries so that the person manages everything he or she puts on the shoulders.”

And her plans for future?

Where would she like to move forward? “When it comes to a vision for the future, I definitely want our ServiceNow team to move forward, to open new areas we will be able to cover, to find colleagues in new localities and most of all to enable our people to grow. I believe we have a tendency to achieve all this and much more.”

Milan Peťko – a poet with IT soul

To a roaring applause, Milan Peťko – our stalwart in the starry sky of FPT received the award as well. Milan, who’s the part of our team already since 2006 worked shortly as SAP consultant. Later he got interested in the area he's working in until today, and he's one of our most experienced ABAP programmers.

Everyone, who wants to get better in their job and achieve new goals knows, that it's impossible without constant self-studying. That's why Milan wasn't waiting with folded hands for the success and used his work enthusiasm and started to educate himself systematically. He implemented the gained skills into the company. The foreign customers turn to Milan frequently and with confidence thanks to his high level of expertise. Always and under any circumstances, he's willing to share his experience and knowledge, helps the less-experienced colleagues, and he constantly motivates them to a better performance.

Milan is known among colleagues because of his humour, by which he overcomes all communication barriers, and changes the formal relations to friendly ones. Besides diligence and purposefulness, he got a soul of a poet, thanks to which he creates a unique poetry to cheer the colleagues and friends. He's also familiar with presentation skills, which he frequently uses not only when teaching in the company, but also in mentoring of students at university faculties in Košice. He successfully represented the FPT company on many professional events.

We asked Milan, what contributes to his loyalty towards the company, as he's been in FPT for almost 17 years and also what motivates him and what does he like about his position.

“I work in a perfect team, where we support each other. I like about my position, that I can do not only support, but also work on new innovative projects.”

Rasťo Beťko – an inexhaustible well of ideas

Another of the awarded ones, who got to the stage, was Rasťo Beťko - SAP consultant in FPT Czech. Even though he came to FPT in March this year, he became a part of the team unbelievably fast and shortly after he became a desired mentor for our newcomers. His extensive experience on the SAP business consultant position predestined him for success, he wasn't waiting long for. He's one of the key adepts to become a full partner in the SAP S/4 Cloud Area. During his short but intensive stay, he already managed to take part in two S/4HANA implementation projects, even though he was only getting used to the work of SAP consultant at that time.

Rasťo is a person, who constantly brings new ideas to the wide range of company processes. He is also a convincing recruiter, as he recommended his former colleagues to become a part of our FPT family.

When we asked him, where does he get the motivation and driving power for his brisk tempo and many ideas, he answered humbly and honestly:

“I'm a newcomer in the company and as for everyone new, the driving power are the new people, new environment, technology, and processes. The colleagues motivate me the most by sharing their knowledge and experience, and thanks to that we move forward together.”

Anna Vojtková – with IT in blood

Talented tester Anka Vojtková wasn't missing at the award ceremony. Her name became known to the colleagues in connection to the ServiceNow programme, where she tenaciously worked as the first tester. Even though she hasn't been in FPT for a long time, with her diligence and purposefulness she has rightfully defended her place in the spotlight and has already tried to be a test manager in one of the leading projects.

Anka came to FPT last year in August and this year the new Academists got to meet her, when she taught them the basics of testing and agile testing. She wasn't idle in her activities, and she proactively took part in documents update, which all testers read as a part of the new regulation.

From her approach to work, it's obvious that she enjoys working in FPT. That's why we asked her if she always wanted to work in IT.

“I was always interested in IT. I studied finance, and in my dissertation, I created the analysis in a way I could script econometric models. On top of that, most of my family works in IT area,” revealed Anka with a smile.

Maroš Dzuriš – experienced mentor in body and soul

The colleague Maroš Dzuriš closed the group of this-year's five TOP PERFORMERS. His potential showed at the beginning of the summer in 2011. After his participation in the FPT Summer School, he decided that he will become a part-timer on the Test Analyst position and enter a career life. But in spring 2012, his colleague lured him to the team of test automation engineers, where he has stayed until today and has reached one success after another. He was there when the CME department was created as one of the Test Automation Leads, where he as an experienced mentor supported the less experienced, younger colleagues..

As an expert in a particular topic, he started to take part in various presales activities, POC, analysis, and proposals for customers and he does so even today. The fact that the test automation is alpha and omega for him is obvious because he can talk about it with enthusiasm for hours during various events such as Summer School, Cool School, FPT Test Hub, FPT IT Academy, RPA Academy, Test Academy and many more

And what motivates Maroš to continuously deliver such highly rated performances?

“Every day is different. Sometimes it's my colleagues, other times an interesting work challenge. But one thing is for sure, I would like to continue to expand my knowledge, to improve my soft skills and to dedicate myself to passing on my experience to the young talents within the Fpt Slovakia. What's next? We'll see where the fate will take me,” uzavrel svoje rozjímanie milovník pretekárskych áut a rally podujatí.

FPT TOP PERFORMERS and PATRIOTS 2022 together on one stage

The award ceremony FPT TOP PERFORMER 2022 took place on the Employee Assembly - employees' meeting in a magical mountain hotel in Tale region. Besides the award, which reflects a significant contribution to the company, every year we award loyalty as well. Together with the commitment it’s also about values on which the basic principles of our company are built. Every year we express our thanks and respect by the award FPT PATRIOT to the employees, who have been with us already for 15 years. This year, we thank the nine brave ones - Selma Drvenica, Danka Dubcová, Ondro Hugáň, Marta Ivanová, Stanka Kolarčíková, Táňa Kuchtaninová, Ján Péti, Mário Tóth a Veronika Zvirinská. THANK YOU!