Press release: The IT sector associated in Košice IT Valley shows Slovakia again that combining forces can create interesting projects for the general public. This time four major IT companies in Košice have come together to create a unique form of post-secondary education for Slovakia – Košice Academy of Software Development.

FPT, GlobalLogic, T-Systems Slovakia and Visma in cooperation with the Secondary Vocational School on Dneperská Street created education that is closely linked to practice.

“The East of Slovakia is once again an example of the fact that companies that are otherwise competing with each other in the labor market can come together for a good cause,” says Pavol Miroššay, Executive Director of Košice IT Valley.

Juraj Girman, chairman of the board and also the representative of the largest IT employer in the east, adds: “We have great job opportunities for talented students and today we offer them fast and quality education that is directly linked to practice. We want them to stay at home, not to consider going abroad or west of the country.”

The three-year post-secondary study at the Košice academy is focusing on the software development. Students devote half of their studies to learning various programming languages and the second half directly to projects in the participating companies.

Štefan Lacko from GlobalLogic sees many opportunities for graduates in the context of financial rewards. “Working on international projects brings graduates a very interesting financial remuneration. The best of them can get a job offering during their studies.”

An average salary in the IT sector even in the east exceeds the average wage in Slovakia, in case of senior positions several-fold.

“Unique in the offered form of study is the coming-together of four major IT companies from Košice. Students can try working in different companies. They get a better overview in doing so,” says Roman Klimčík from the Norwegian company Visma, which has been operating in Košice since 2018. This will also be one of those where students will be able to work after graduation.

Mr. Jozef Vojtko“The wide portfolio of international and innovative projects we have allows us to create a very interesting program for students and perfectly prepare them for the conditions that await them after their studies,” says Mr. Jozef Vojtko from FPT Slovakia.

Graduates on the labor market do not have to worry about their employment. There are currently more than 100 job openings in the IT Valley Košice cluster that require programming skills.

“We come from the experience that our school has a similar form of education. The teaching process will be provided by experts from companies and through our teachers,” adds Dušan Bosák, director of the private secondary technical school Dneperská 1 in Košice, where teaching will take place.

Applicants can apply at no later than by the end of May of this year.

Contact person for media: 

Ing. Pavol Miroššay – executive director Košice IT Valley – 0904 676 975