Robotic Process Automation

We offer extensive experience with the use of the most common RPA tools - BluePrism, UIPath and akaBot.

The growing complexity of IT systems and the increasing penetration of IT technologies into all human activities also bring new challenges, such as the automation of repetitive activities and process tasks in order to free up the limited capacities of IT professionals.

Automatization of processes using RPA technology makes this possible, and FPT offers extensive experience using the most common RPA tools - BluePrism, UIPath and akaBot. This service is the youngest in our portfolio, but the fastest and most aggressively growing. 



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We started in 2018 and already have more than 25 certified RPA developers. RPA technology allows us to program a "robot" that automates business processes for customers. We can automate processes, transactions, data, different responses, acknowledgments and communication between different systems.

Robotization brings customers increased productivity, reduced costs and, of course, increased safety. The biggest advantage of "robots" is that they can work 24 hours a day, the robot is never wrong, and the more we start it, the more it is able to learn and becomes even more intelligent.

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