What's the best way to present the culture of the company? Through its colleagues. So we asked them what their work at FPT brings them, what they really succeeded in, what are they proud of, and created the Success Story section.

Zuzana Kučerová, Tím Líder FSK-FI and HCM Services, SAP Consultant

I have been working for FPT as an SAP Consultant for almost 15 years. I have participated in various foreign projects, e.g. in Poland, Germany or Austria. Few weeks ago I accepted the offer to take up the Team Leader position, which is another challenge I am really looking forward to.

In my career, I grew most through the opportunity to spend two years on a project directly in Warsaw and then in Germany. Fpt allowed me to work for RWE (customer) directly from Essen. Invaluable was the special approach, as they also helped me find a nursery for my son. Those two years in Germany helped me a lot in my professional development, even though I traveled there with a child..

I also appreciate the approach to mothers on maternity leave. I worked alongside maternity leave with both children, which I consider to be a huge advantage for a person to, so to speak, not miss on anything. Especially when it comes to the IT area, which is constantly changing dynamically.

For me, it's a huge plus that the company allows us to do such a harmonization (Work Life Balance). It is really very important to have that feeling of importance even during this "outage" from the work environment.