ServiceNow is a technology platform that includes a set of tools for managing and administering processes within the whole company. It helps companies manage digital workflows for business operations.

In general, it can simplify all bureaucratic processes and thus greatly facilitate business. ServiceNow was founded in 2004 as a competitor to major players such as IBM and Hewlett Packard. The main advantage of this platform is the fact that it is a content system that seeks to include in its platform a wide range of what a business or enterprise may need.

“Many similar products offer only partial services, while ServiceNow is comprehensive. It tries to provide the user with services so that he does not need a million tools to solve the problem. And although it only moves around IT service management, it currently includes a wide range of predefined applications, such as agile development or project management, or the ability to create your own modules and applications, visualizations or portals," explains Veronika Staruchová, Senior Business Consultant.

Automation and Facilitation

The ServiceNow platform offers a complete service that brings added value to the customer, optimization and automation using ITIL processes. It reduces paperwork, automates and simplifies work.

Current Fpt Slovakia clients using ServiceNow include, for example, the large energy giant EON or the market leader in the USA in the field of multimedia and IT solutions. The company currently has a team of ServiceNow specialists and they will grow. 5 junior and senior positions will be filled in Košice in the near future.

Juniors and Seniors Wanted

The job offer is really attractive.

"There are a number of programmers on the market who go deep into one particular technology from the beginning, and after time reach their peak and burn out. In case of ServiceNow, the programmer will cover a number of technologies at once, he will constantly face challenges and maximum diversity," suggests Veronika.

It is also worth noting that the starting salaries for ServiceNow developers are really decent, Fpt Slovakia also provides junior mentoring and a career in the company is promising and fast.

You can find more about open positions in the field of ServiceNow here:

Junior ServiceNow Developer

Junior JavaScript Developer