For all those who want to become SAP consultants or ABAP developers, we are opening our years-proven FPT SAP Academy.

The academy is suitable for graduating students and university graduates, but also for those who are looking for a change and are not afraid of new challenges. It is an ideal opportunity to learn something new, or enter the world of IT and start a whole new career. Candidate requirements include knowledge of English or German and analytical thinking. In the case of ABAP developers, knowledge of the programming language is also required.

"I recommend the SAP Academy to anyone who wants to break into the world of SAP, but has no or only minimal experience. It's a great opportunity.“ Marek, ABAP developer, graduate, February 2017

Apply by March 1, 2022 and after a successful interview and signing a contract, external and internal mentors will work with you for two months and teach you everything important for working in this area. During the academy you will understand what SAP is, how its individual modules differ and what the work of an SAP consultant or ABAP developer involves. After graduating from the academy, you will be working on a project under the guidance of a mentor with a smooth career advancement ahead of you.

"I definitely recommend the Academy. It gives you the opportunity to change your work focus, work on yourself and meet new people.“ Andrej, SAP Consultant, graduate, September 2021

As motivation, we give you sign-on bonus vo výške 500 EUR of course, a great team. As a matter of fact, there is also language training or unlimited access to the Udemy for business e-learning platform.

More than 55 colleagues have already completed the Academy at FPT, and you can be one of them.

Are you still hesitating? This is how our colleagues / graduates will convince you:

„We were a super team at the academy. We had great lecturers who taught us the basis from each module, we got an overview and based on that we could choose which module we would like to continue with." Julka, SAP consultant, graduate, April 2019

"Without FPT SAP Academy, I probably would never have gotten into programming as a profession." David, ABAP developer, graduate April 2019