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At FPT, we have extensive and long-term experience with many types of testing. We consider testing alpha and omega and we have been proud of our Test Center of Excellence for more than 16 years. From functional testing including integration, system, regression and "end-to-end" testing, through stress and safety testing to test automation and static analysis (code quality revision and inspection).

We have experience with testing in traditional data center and cloud environments, on mobile platforms (Android, IOS) and also experience with IoT testing and so-called embedded systems. In terms of technology, we have experience with almost all commonly available tools, applications and frameworks.


Test Automation

Manual Testing

Performance Testing


We have been proud of our Test Center of Excellence for more than 16 years. We were the first in Košice to start dealing with the topic of manual TESTING and our team has a leading position among professionals in Slovakia. It consists of more than 80 professional and especially certified manual testers. We provide services worldwide - from Asia to America.

We started testing simple websites and went through testing SAP, mobile devices, embedded systems, Clouds, IoT (Alexa, Google Home), data migration, to the latest market trends. We can adapt to both the Waterfall and the Agile approach, and there is almost no tool on the market that we have no experience with. Adherence to procedures, methodology and our own templates are a matter of course for us.

We have been dealing with automated testing since 2008. Currently, the team consists of about 50 people who have experience with various programming languages. We supply customers with various tools, but creating our own automated framework is not a problem for us. Our mission is to deliver automation solutions to customers, for which we will reduce costs, their systems will become more efficient and reciprocal time efficiency will become added value. 

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