Fpt SmartHome is a flexibly expandable IoT system with which the end customer can intelligently manage his household. The technology enables controlling sockets, thermostats, sensors and other devices at home via your mobile phone. Our SmartHome can also be combined with devices from other manufacturers, e.g. Alexa, Google Assistant, AL-KO, Philips hue, Medion, Samsung, Netatmo etc.

Thanks to SmartHome, you always have your home at your fingertips. With the application, you can conveniently control your light bulbs from anywhere. An intelligent motion detector or smart camera will always show you if something is happening at home. You can even have your house vacuumed or the lawn mown with a smart mower.




UX/UI design




Using the potential of cloud technologies and services, firmware implementation and mobile application development, we create a multi-hardware IoT platform to which any devices from various manufacturers can be connected. Our hardware and firmware specialists have developed a Wifi Module, thanks to which the devices connected to the platform become so-called "IoT ready" and "smart". We develop software for operating connected devices, which is already actively used by tens of thousands of satisfied customers, especially in Germany. A matter of course is the possibility to control devices using mobile applications, which we develop to measure, according to customer requirements.

At the same time, we developed a solution for evaluating data collected from the operation of the SmartHome ecosystem, which uses MS Azure technologies and services, and we helped with the migration of the so-called SmartHome Controller for a new hardware platform and operating system (from Windows CE to Linux Pulsar).

We also perform final testing on the project for its 100% reliability. Our SmartHome Lab allows you to simulate the use of various common home devices, making it possible to improve or add existing smart home features.


React JS, React Nativep, C#, C++, Firmware development for Wifi DDK

"The project favours the prepared" and I was given a unique opportunity: to add an inanimate household as another family member. Using Google NLU, C# and crying, I created an integration for Google Home for the customer on the green field, which is on average eight times faster than their original competitive solution and allows smooth natural communication with their Smart Home solution. I even got the opportunity to talk about this integration at one of the largest regional conferences of VSE unIT.

Programmer Specialist

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