“I very much appreciate all your support over the past few months. The rotation of onshore testers brought a real benefit.
Thanks again to the whole team, I am sure we will meet again.”

Matthew Allen, Test Lead, nPower

* * * * *

“I want to thank you for working so hard and late in the last weeks (months !!) to finish the RWEST part of REMIT as much as possible under the circumstances. From my observation I know it was not easy, but as always, your work morale and professionalism has brought us that far.
I really appreciate your effort.”

Jason Higgs, IT Team Lead, RWE

* * * * *

“Our company has long-term relationships with tester in Košice who were integrated into FPT in July 2014.
We continue to receive excellent services from the combined team in Vietnam and Košice, which is also the result of proactive and pragmatic management style and, of course, excellent teamwork among testers in both locations.

We are generally known as a very demanding customer in our testing requirements. I am glad that not only did we not receive a single complaint regarding FPT testing, but we are even witnessing the growing demand for their services. We work together as one team, each of us best knowing what to offer, and this ensures our continued success in this partnership.”

Robin Taylor, Testing Services Lead, RWEST