Application Development


In cooperation with the RWE customer, for more than six years we have been working on the development and testing of charging system of electric cars using charging stations, which is used by end customers in Germany. It is a long-term project/development based on customer requirements.

GOAL of the PROJECT: Creation of infrastructure for charging of electric cars

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project consists, among other things, of charging stations and software for charger management, client applications for charging start, application for invoicing of consumed power etc.



In cooperation with RWE, our team ensures 24/7 support for end customers and deals with potential failures, analyses problems and works on their elimination.

GOAL of the PROJECT: Ensuring 24/7 customer support

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Intelligent home (SmartHome)

– system currently used by end customers in DE, with our team participating and carrying out, as part of the project team, the following tasks :

  • Preparation and performance of SW deployment in the reference and production environment
  • Solution of problems related with functioning of the application / environment
  • Solution of the customer “tickets” at the 2nd support level
  • Testing of new “releases”
  • Environment / server monitoring

 USED TECHNOLOGY: .Net framework a Silverlight


In cooperation with the client RBB (Rheinbraun brennstoff GmbH) – one of the largest brown coal producer in Germany, our team of developers developed and implemented an application securing communication with freight weight and chip cards for data recording.

USED TECHNOLOGY: C # .NET, VB.NET WPF.NET. Framework used .NET Framwork 4.5

GOAL of the PROJECT: Migration of emergency applications used in distribution of goods by freight transport in case of SAP malfunctioning. The migration took place due to changes in the operating system XP to Windows 7 Smart Client 2.3 Specifically – we migrated 29 Windows Froms VB6 applications to newer technologies C # .NET, VB.NET WPF.NET. The used framework .NET Framework 4.5 In the next phase, it was necessary to ensure communication between the weights and operating applications and the final phase of the project was marked by updating of data between SAP system and applications.


  • The customer has defined applications to be migrated
  • Our “TECA team” created time estimations for migration for individual applications
  • He recommended a target technology for application migration
  • He created libraries used in all applications
  • He programmed the individual applications and carried out development tests
  • The customer tested the individual applications in the production system

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