APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT department covers projects in the utility and non-utility areas throughout their whole life cycle. From project design, communication with the customer, to the development and subsequent “support” of the project. The goal is to provide customers with innovative solutions with regard to optimizing the processes in their business.

1475047737604_bulletinMost of the projects were delivered for German and English customers, but to a large extent also the representation of customers from CE and CEE zones It was the desktop applications, web applications and services, mobile applications and software products for the automotive industry and server administration (Window, Linux / Unix). Most recently, customers contacted us also in regard to the topic IoT especially in the areas of RF network usage (LoraWan, Figfox).

In the above-mentioned projects, various TECHNOLOGIES have been used depending on the purpose and effectiveness:
Microsoft .NET (C # .NET, VB.NET): ASP.NET, WPF, MVC, Hibernate, LINQ, Microsoft Sharepoint, Xamarin – mobile application development (.NET) for different platforms (Android, iPhone); MS SQL 2008 and above; Silverlight; JAVA – J2EE, Spring; JAVA – mobile development; Glassfish, JBoss; Tomcat; Oracle; IBM WebSphere, fron-end frameworks: Angular, JSF, Dojo; for„embeded“ area and automotive industry: C/C++.

EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS on which our consultants and developers worked successfully on department of APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT.