Renewable energy sources - renewables, are increasingly used in business, industry and the personal sector. The aim is to reduce emissions, especially carbon dioxide, and to protect the environment. Today, wind turbines can no longer be found only in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries.

Realistic scenarios to promote sustainable development and energy security in Europe include the use of renewable energy sources. More and more energy companies are switching from standard energy sources to the use of renewable energy sources, in many countries they already form a relatively significant part of primary energy sources,”  said Dodan Vojtko, Head of Delivery Center Fpt Slovakia.

We also see this change in the projects we are working on at Fpt Slovakia. Our energy client will shut down nuclear power plants in a few years and replace them with renewable energy sources. Coal-fired power plants are also being phased out. Renewable resources are also used privately - the best example is solar panels in family and apartment houses. The green future has its doors open...


We have been dealing with the topic of renewables at Fpt Slovakia for about 3 years, and with the energy as such such since our establishment. We participate in the life cycle of renewable power plants from the construction itself to the visualization of results.

Projects in the field of renewables are increasing in direct proportion. The whole process of building wind farms must be digitized for better manageability. From location identification to all quality checks. Then our work in application development for operation management of these power plants begins,” explained Tibor Gujdán, team leader of Multiplatform and Cloud Solutions.

Our customer has wind power plant locations around the world. From Košice, we develop applications for data collection and processing, which, thanks to machine learning, predict possible power outages and also deal with turbine management. Monitoring is automated and prevents possible failures or wear of turbines. Thanks to the applications, the client has a secure operation of the wind power plant and a visualized overview of the necessary maintenance, where applications that we make are used again. Power plant employees use them directly on the maintenance site on tablets with iOS and Android operating systems.


The amount of energy productivity data from both onshore and offshore sites is distributed to a common network. To do this, we need strong environments, which are most often on the Azure cloud, which provides good scalability and responds effectively to data volumes and processing. The technologies in this project are expanding and the customer is interested in modern technologies with a high performance range. In addition to cloud applications, we also develop solutions that are installed directly on the devices,” explained Tibor Gujdán.

On the project we work with technologies for mobile devices (React Native, Ionic Framework), web solutions (React.JS, Angular), we develop backend in Java, Python, .Net Core. and we use Oracle, MSSQL, PostGreSQL for databases.

"We are specialists in IT and energy sector, we have been moving in the topic practically since the founding of the company. Thanks to that we have a lot of experience and a great team. Our mission is green transformation. We believe that IT is one of the triggers of the transition to the efficient use of green energy," said Dodan Vojtko, Head of Delivery Center Fpt Slovakia.


More than 40 people are currently working on renewables solutions. However, seeing its rapid growth. you can find an opportunity in it too.

The advantage of working in our team is that we design and develop solutions in the latest technologies. We will innovate and upgrade older systems, it can be motivating to bring new ideas and improve systems that must be really scalable for the Big Data area,” concluded Tibor Gujdán.