ServiceNow, or SNOW, as we popularly call it at Fpt Slovakia, is a technology platform that includes a set of tools for effective management and administration of company-wide processes. SNOW started at Fpt Slovakia in 2017. Since its beginning, Veronika Staruchová, as a Senior Business Consultant, has been working there. She knows best what opportunities the platform offers not only to customers, but also to IT specialists who work in it.

What do you need to know before deciding on your dream job?  

There were times when an applicant when interested in a position in an IT company, had to have a university degree. But times are changing and FPT also offers the opportunity to improve one’s knowledge and experience in the IT field within ServiceNow.

"It is important that the applicant has a technical background. A university with a technological focus is not a prerequisite, but it is great, as it will give the student a very good view of the IT world. If the applicant does not have a university, we take into account the projects he/she has completed and also self-education, which is very important in IT,“ explains Veronika adding that in addition to programming, the applicant should also speak English or German.   

Apart from the CV, the interview, which consists of several parts, is also important. The core of the interview is in English. "The length of the interview and degree of difficulty depend on the level that the candidate is at. When we are sure that the candidate speaks English at a good level, we do not stretch it unnecessarily. We also verify their knowledge of IT, while we are used to giving them an assignment in the form of a logical example or examples from JavaScript if the candidate is a junior or a candidate for the academy. We also familiarize each candidate with the level of knowledge in the various areas of ServiceNow that our customers require. The match between the IT specialist and our customer is therefore very important.” 

The FPT ServiceNow Training Program Prepares You for a Real Life of an IT Specialist  

After a successful interview, the first day of dream work comes, which is rather administrative. You won't get to Veronica and the other mentors until the next day, during which your training journey begins.

„My colleague and I have prepared a training plan that is full of different topics and tasks. These are mainly practical assignments, but there is also a theoretical part that every junior student must master. At the end of each assignment, there is an evaluation with a mentor, during which they must present their knowledge.”

Training will teach you everything about the ServiceNow platform, so you will not be thrown into the water. On the contrary, our mentors will always be at hand and help you in your IT career development. After a while, you can move from a junior position to a medior or senior - it depends on your skills.  

Working on the ServiceNow platform is not monotonous, which is why it is so popular. You can learn a lot in the field of development, testing, architecture, or even in the field of business analysis - it's up to you which area you want to develop. Since April, several IT enthusiasts have passed through the gates of our training program and we are still looking for some more in our team.   

"I've been on this platform since its beginning, where the two of us, me and my fellow developer started. We only had one customer and, best of all, we still work for him. We have good relationships and what is good for us is his positive feedback, which allows us to grow. That's why we are looking for another enthusiast in our team," adds at the end Veronika 

We are currently looking for colleagues for our SNOW team, who want to learn and at the same time work on global projects of global clients. If you are interested in this offer, have some IT experience and you are not afraid, write to us and we will be happy to welcome you in our SNOW team.