At the beginning of this months our sales representatives have met and signed cooperation agreement about partnership with Czech company called KCT Data. They have got at about 100 employees / consultants and developers, focusing on solutions of mobile applications in SAP. Nowadays the company is delivering for their clients in 23 countries.

The agreement brings opportunity for both sides to be more visible and to get new clients from SAP area, especially in German market.

There are “Breakfast Seminars” for potential clients planned in mid of November in Germany in our FPT offices (Frankfurt and Essen). “We expect to have there from 15 to 20 representatives of German enterprises which are using SAP in their business. We will present them mAsset solution in the first round. Later on we will have regularly these kind of actions with other topics” – said Fpt Slovakia´s CEO and Head of Sales – Mr. Olaf Baumann.

„We are looking forward to cooperate with FPT and we expect a lot from the cooperation. FPT is real giant in our domain with global operation and they showed real interest about our experience in area of innovative SAP technologies” – said KCT DATA´s CEO Mr. Evžen Mayer. And he also added – “It is another and important movement forward for our company in international operation and it confirms that also that global companies have got demand for our services”.

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