“For someone, the world may seem a great disappointment until someone, anyone, takes matters into his own hands and helps to change things“. In the beginning there was a desire to help, and the idea of sending good and good deeds further. Help those who can’t help themselves and inspire others. Create a kind of imaginary chain of good deeds and pass on the good. Start Small Dream Big. prvá pomocFirst, executives started cooperation with the Red Cross and within it a grant program for elementary schools “VALENTÍNKA AND HER FRIENDS”. Together, we started to raise awareness about the first aid education, especially in primary schools. All this in a playful way, so that even the smallest children would not have fear in unexpected situations and could react adequately and age-appropriately. 358 children in three elementary schools went through all possible scenarios in an experiential way. We moved our cooperation with the Red Cross all the way to the individual help to Samko. His illness does not allow him to walk and thanks to our contribution he could exercise for 4 months using a special method THERASUIT. We got also involved in the Valentine’s drop of blood. Afterwards, the teams passed the torch between each other.Every month different team. Our idea was for each team to meet, share ideas as whom and how to help, and to do it together and of course to open the idea and the desire to help to other colleagues from the company an avalanche of good deeds. And thus, also thanks to us, Malá farma in Košice has a new floor in the housing unit, cleaned gates, doorframes and walls, dogs who got some fresh air and money to buy food and material. We have supported the most valuable there is – human life – during the Valentine’s drop of blood. We have supported the seriously handicapped Danka by purchasing her children’s book. We have cleaned Hornád and Bankov by collecting 30 bags of waste. We have launched a cooperation with the Early Intervention Centre in Košice and together came up with a project for producing sensomotoric aids for children with special needs, so that their mums can spare 2 hours for sleep. Dom pokojnej staroby A.F.Colbrieho. The family centre STONOŽKA has a new and funny obstacle course and new premises. We have adopted 5 trees in a nearby park and helped to plant 162 more in Vietnam. We have helped the organization SVETIELKO POMOCI and its Centre of family support with garden adjustment. We have looked at the microclimate of our city and helped to create rain garden at Kukučínova street. We have dismantled and cleaned an old shed and thus helped our colleague. We have adjusted the terrain on the Šarišský hrad and on the nature trail Lužný les in the Košice ZOO help to treat the wood. In the Social house of St. Norbert in Jasov we have helped to wreck, clear debris, lay concrete and paint so that families with children in need had a roof over their heads. vlasyAnd what’s most important, since doing good is contagiousour colleagues have started to join our initiative individually. The Association STORMwhich is focusing on a terrain work with drug-addicted people has got, thanks to Ondrej, a car. Lucia has cut her hair to make wig for an oncological patient. Erika has motivated her friends to bring her one gift instead of flowers to her wedding for children after an oncological treatment in a hospital. And that’s just the ones we have learned about. Together we have helped more than 200 times. Our goal, to create a chain of good deeds, send good further and at the same time inspire other people, has come true.