The working afternoon on September 11, 2018 has changed into celebration of a fresh “thirtieth” birthday. We all, FPT Košice employees enjoyed it very much. We spent a pleasant afternoon, enjoyed barbecue, led informal discussions and built the team. Who would not have been interested in such an afternoon at work.

FPT 30Th ann.

Our chief executive and director of Fpt Slovakia Olaf Wilhelm Baumann did not miss it. “We have been active in Košice for almost five years now, we have been able to recruit a lot of talented people during this time, thus it is no surprise that we want to continue doing so also in future. Our goal is to grow by 25 to 30 percent every year, so I would like to wish us for our birthday exactly that – to keep growing as we have done so far or even faster. Because only with such a talented team as we have now, we will achieve anything, “congratulated Olaf Baumann.

In the matching orange polo shirt, the executive manager Tran Coi was also enjoying the barbecue: “I wish FPT all the best, that we always form our FPT family. Since working in Slovakia, we have been able to accomplish many of the things and projects that we had resolved to. I am positive that even on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company, we will be able to attract other talented people.”


30th annv. 30th anniv. 30th annv

And what would you wish for FPT?

Dodan Vojtko, Vice Director, New Technologies FPT:

“I have been working at FPT since its establishment in Slovakia in 2014. I wish our company to remain home to very talented people. That the strong human potential that we have, continues to connect us and attract other good people who want to realize their dreams.”

Patrícia Sommerová, Assistant, FPT Czech, has been working in the company for 2 years:

“I wish FPT to have healthy, smiling, handsome and efficient employees. With as little work incapacities and job injuries as possible, but lots of births and a bunch of babies – potential IT people.”

Katarína Kicáková, Senior Test Consultant, has been working in the company for 6 years, even when it was part of RWE IT:

“Thirties is a great age. A man still has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but he’s already starting to make mature decisions. I therefore wish FPT for its 30th birthday a lot of positive energy in form of happy and smiling employees so that they can create new and great ideas for improving the standard of living and comfort of the people. To the management as well as to all of us, employees, I wish successful tenders and satisfied customers, so that the mature age also be translated into economic results.