Four Firms Came Together and Are Offering a Unique Education

Press release: The IT sector associated in Košice IT Valley shows Slovakia again that combining forces can create interesting projects for the general public. This time four major IT companies in Košice have come together to create a unique form of post-secondary education for Slovakia – Košice Academy of Software Development. FPT, GlobalLogic, T-Systems Slovakia […]

Fpt Slovakia as the Most Attractive Employer

Fpt Slovakia have proved that in the eyes of the public they still belong among top companies in Slovakia. On Wednesday 29 January 2020, we have defended our title from 2018 and acquired the 2nd place in the IT and Telecommunication category again in the Old Market Hall in Bratislava during the announcement of winners […]


“For someone, the world may seem a great disappointment until someone, anyone, takes matters into his own hands and helps to change things“. In the beginning there was a desire to help, and the idea of sending good and good deeds further. Help those who can’t help themselves and inspire others. Create a kind of […]

FPT, RWE to prolong successful strategic partnership

FPT Corporation (FPT), a Southeast Asia’s leading IT services provider, has prolonged a service agreement with RWE AG (RWE) for the delivery of digital technology services and solutions. The agreement lasts until end of the year 2024. According to the agreement, from 2019 to 2024, FPT will be providing emerging technology solutions in areas such […]

Vietnamese Mother May Be Proud of her Košice Daughter

Fpt Slovakia is celebrating its 5th anniversary and expanding Press release Košice 27 May, 2019 The second Best employer in the area of IT and telecommunications, company Fpt Slovakia with the seat in Košice celebrates these days its 5thanniversary. It entered the Slovak IT market five years ago in 2014 as the first Asian investor […]

5 Years of Enjoying Success in IT

Unforgettable and full of energy, spent in the circle of those who give our functioning meaning, our customers, management from Vietnam, but especially our colleagues. That was our birthday. We really managed to do a lot, as it belongs to any proper celebration. Our plan, to spend it in a completely different way than a […]

Immerse yourself in the world of SAP with FPT.

On April 1 (and it’s not a joke) we are opening the FPT SAP Academy, which is for all who want to become SAP CONSULTANTS or ABAP DEVELOPERS. Take a chance and become part of a team of consultants or senior developers and work on interesting projects. REGISTER as soon as possible, educate yourself and […]


Delicious smell of the Vietnamese cuisine was going around the University library of the Technical University in Košice (TUKE) on Wednesday, 28 November 2018. We have decided to introduce the exotic Asian country to the students in a non-traditional way. By tasting food and presentation of the working opportunities directly at FPT Software, in Vietnam. “Vietnam […]

The most intelligent home devices can be found in FPT in Košice.

Technical progress, digitization and networking of devices is one of the characteristics of today. Nowadays, intelligent household control is not an unknown topic. It is a great trend abroad, which is slowly coming also to Slovakia. Fpt Slovakia has a team of people who launched, tested it and today they are even implementing new features […]

We celebrated 30 years of FPT Software

The working afternoon on September 11, 2018 has changed into celebration of a fresh “thirtieth” birthday. We all, FPT Košice employees enjoyed it very much. We spent a pleasant afternoon, enjoyed barbecue, led informal discussions and built the team. Who would not have been interested in such an afternoon at work. Our chief executive and […]