We have created an online school. We educate 40% of the company on the MS Teams platform, together they form 34 classes. We started an intensive German language course in a virtual space 2 months ago. We do it at a time when human contact is lacking and work at the home office brings even more time flexibility. That is why we chose a partner for education - a language school that has a sufficient number of flexible teachers.

We operate internationally, but we supply up to 70% of our services to German-speaking clients. Good technical skills, quality of services and customer orientation are a matter of course for us. However, in professional and everyday communication, knowledge of the German language is proving to be one of the key factors for long-term cooperation. Therefore, we decided to focus on German more intensively and systematically.

This vision is closely linked with the company-wide development. Our goal is to be closer to the customer, to speak one language, to understand it better. This way we can provide our services even better," said Dodan Vojtko, Head of Delivery Center Fpt Slovakia.

And what does our intensive online course look like?

We learn but also play, to keep our colleagues motivated.Quizzes via the Kahoot platform, recommendations of interesting articles, videos or Youtube channels are a matter of course, and we also compete for interesting prizes. Thanks to that, we manage to follow progress casually. However, we do not omit initial and final tests and evaluations by our language school. We are interested in the opinion of colleagues and feedback on the basis of which we could improve the course and internal education.

Although we motivate ourselves in different ways in our virtual school, the greatest motivation comes naturally from the individual and his desire to learnWe have a vision of moving in the German language by at least one level - internally we call this initiative "LEVEL UP".

 We are very pleased about the flexibility and willingness of our colleagues to change the “modus operandi." They appreciate the time saved, as the training takes place during working hours, without the need to move. Literally, our course looks like this: I'm sitting, having coffee and learning German,“ said Lucia Tomková, HR Manager at Fpt Slovakia.

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