The company FPT Slovakia is through new educational programs aimed at the field testing and SAP. Selected participants underwent 3 weeks of seminars conducted by the best specialists in these fields.

FPT TEST HUB_1FPT TEST HUB and FPT SAP HUB took place in April and May 2016. The first was aimed at testing processes and tools and the other at SAP modules, both of which were intended for the general public. Their purpose was, among other things, to show visitors who at first glance think they could never work in the IT segment, that maybe they are not so afar from this field. 71 candidates have registered for the Test Hub and for SAP Hub even 107 applicants! Selected applicants met daily our consultants and developers who presented them not only theoretical knowledge, but especially practical demonstration with examples from their daily work, the latest trends, all in a fun way.

FPT TEST HUB_2It was the form, professional approach and character of the information shared that participants evaluated very positively. At the end we carried out an anonymous survey among the participants. They evaluated positively especially the professional approach of the mentors, employees of FPT Slovakia. They enjoyed the practical example of using tools in everyday working life. Some reactions even expressed gratitude for the 3 weeks that were richer in information than a whole year at school, or the pleasure of getting familiarised with the processes that are used at real work. It was the last mentioned that more than half of respondents stated.

We are honestly glad and we believe that we will repeat those pilot progames in the future. For more pictures – go to our gallery.