Technical progress, digitization and networking of devices is one of the characteristics of today. Nowadays, intelligent household control is not an unknown topic. It is a great trend abroad, which is slowly coming also to Slovakia. Fpt Slovakia has a team of people who launched, tested it and today they are even implementing new features for new devices.

Smart HOME LAB  3

Since October 3, 2018, a successful Smart Project is supported also by SmartHome Lab, which Fpt Slovakia decided to open. The lab will allow you to simulate use of various common household devices in SmartHome environment, thanks to the interaction of IT specialists with the system, it will be possible to improve existing smart household features. The bonus of the system’s practical use in the lab will also be the possibility of adding new features or commands that will further enhance the comfort of a “smart” user. Košice IT geeks changed their work to game: “The colleagues made available the application on the opening day, which they could download and try the SmartHome devices themselves. If someone finds a bug,  they will win a sweet reward.

The most SmartHome devices per square meter you will see here, at FPT. We are working on developing and testing of an intelligent household that one day you too will have. This lab combines the latest IT technology and minds of skilled Košice locals, “said Jozef Vojtko, Vice Director at Fpt Slovakia, during the SmartHome Lab’s opening ceremony.

Smart HOME LAB  2

FPT Košice’s branch participates in the SmartHome project at the level of control and behavior of devices, but also at visual level. It develops it for the European energy company innogy SE, which is a client of FPT Software. Košice experts ensure support for the system 24/7.

As part of the development and provision of FPT testing, third-party platforms and devices are also integrated, not just innogy device functions. “Probably the most interesting partners in the project team are Alexa and Google Home – our assistants with whom we can talk and voice-control smart devices. The robotic lawn mower will soon be added to the inventory, so we will gradually expand the house management into the garden, “added Katarína Kicáková, senior test consultant at SmartHome Lab.

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An intelligent home manager can take care not only of your household but also of your closest ones. In the event of your absence, it will look after older people and, in any unusual situation, it will send you a message with information and you will be able to quickly return home or otherwise address the current problem. SmartHome can also save you from quite a few marital quarrels … But this is not one of the basic features that Fpt Slovakia can guarantee.