Ability to choose a job based on the future "boss" is great. So we invited our Team Leaders to a virtual cup of coffee and asked them a few questions for you. And the bosses suddenly became people of flesh and blood and helped to complete the idea of our corporate culture.

PETER CHLEBÁK, New Technology Solutions

When I get up for work, I look forward to: What the new day will bring and to meetings with colleagues.

My career path: As a graduate of quality management, I started as an Engineer and later as a Quality Manager in manufacturing companies in various parts of Slovakia. Finally, I had the opportunity to return to Košice and start working for the Utility company within BPM. From there, it was just a step into our company.

I am responsible for: Team New Technology Solutions.

The most amazing part of my job is: Discovering new things.

The biggest challenge I faced:  Transition and rebirth of the company from RWE IT Slovakia to Fpt Slovakia.

The most memorable moment in my career: Evaluation from the CEO and the customer after handing over the first comprehensive module from the chip production line in my first job. It was my first big job.

I expect from people: Openness and directness.

When leading people I consider important: Openness and directness.

When I’m not working: Spending time with my family.