At the turn of months (FEB and MAR), the imaginary season of job fairs started and our company did not miss it. On the contrary. This year too, we bring a new concept called FPT Chill Out Zone. It is a combination of a great atmosphere, experience and of course – communication with job fair participants.

AmCham_7In 2015 and 2016, we brought creative campaigns FPT Play IT and FPT ThinkIT. We have used the mechanism the so-called selfie-bot, with participants taking pictures or making GIFs, which they shared on social networking sites, they could join the competition etc.

Just like in previous years, this year too we have designed our campaign for job fairs to target the junior groups, ie. students and graduates of secondary schools and universities. As slowly but surely, the so-called millennials are coming to the labor market, we wanted to bring something new again what can address them. The new concept is based on cooperation with the famous Slovak Gamer / YouTuber. We will play, compete, share pictures on social medias and have a good time.

AmCham_3The first reactions (FEB 27th AmCham  “Veľtrh Práce” in the Hilton hotel and MAR 1st Career Day at Technical University – TUKE) to the concept were excellent. And we are already looking forward to the last spring job fair (here in Košice), which will take place between MAR 14 – 15 from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm at TUKE again (UNI Library).

We will be there.  Do not hesitate and stop in our chill out zone, compare your gaming skills with the Big Head and Asimister, join the competition for great prices ( and most importantly – it’s your unique chance to learn about new opportunities to work with us and the activities we plan for students (but not only for them) to implement this year (e.g. FPT SAP and DEV HUB, FPT Summer School etc.).

More info you can find on our website at fb – See you soon. #ThinkIT