We are a long-term partner of Siemens in the field of IoT platform MindSphere support, through which machines and equipment connect to the digital world.

The data from trillions of intelligent devices subsequently allow to detect unsuspected possibilities for streamlining production and operational processes.

MindSphere is a platform designed to monitor, analyze, evaluate and then manage sophisticated solutions. These solutions are used in all kind of industries. Starting with agriculture, where an application-driven drone from the MindSphere platform monitors fields, and, if intervention is necessary, mobilizes farmers, to aviation and aeronautics, where in MindSphere data is evaluated from sensors located in the aircraft in order to ensure higher safety and comfort of air traffic.


We develop applications on a platform for our customers, ensure smooth integration with their environments (ERP, CRM, DMS), we help to migrate applications to the MindSphere platform and provide official certification training (MindConnect Intergration, MindConnect API, MindConnect Device, MindConnect Lib, MindConnect IoT Extension).

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