The MindSphere application is available for customer TYCO (3M), a UK based company, providing both single gas and multi gas monitors equipment and a software solution – providing protection against a wide range of gas hazards.

TYCO_MindSphereThe Customer wanted to develop a software application that enables organizations to manage their fleet of detectors and an advanced reporting system that allows the businesses to utilize accurate field data when making business decisions.

An FSK team from the Automotive and Embedded unit developed a full stack application with fully responsive design accessible to the customer from any kind of device including mobile devices. The app integrates data from a simple simulator using various views (map view, list view, measures view). The app offers a very user-friendly way for the users to place new Base Stations as well as their related Probes with exact coordinates on an interactive map. An essential feature of this kind of application are various types of charts visualizing the measurements, allowing the users to seamlessly pick the desired time period or zoom in to see the details, as well as aggregated data such as total number of Based-Stations, Based-Stations with alarm, Based-Stations with faults, Probes with faults, all neatly visualized using color accentuation. An important feature for the customer is a possibility to manually set alarms for the probes.

MindSphereFrom the technological perspective, MindSphere is an open, cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) platform from Siemens. We, FPT, are one of the first partners of MindSphere. Our partnership focuses not only on the application development, rather it includes a complex set of services which support an end-to-end approach. Thus, within our portfolio of services for MindSphere are already mentioned Application Development; Consulting & Assessment – Assessing and analyzing existing applications for MindSphere integration, developing a roadmap and designing MindSphere migration; System Integration – integration roadmap, Business Application Integration on MindSphere: ERP, CRM, DMS etc.; Technology Provider and Connectivity Developing and finally MindSphere Training Services.