Live and Remember is the name of the exhibition of photographs and verses from Vietnam, which visitors may view these days in Košice in Kasárne / Kulturpark.

Their author is Košice man Miro Tuleja, a former front-line reporter. Documentary photographs and emotional verses (in Slovak and English) show not only the suffering of the Vietnamese-American War from 40 years ago, but also immense joy of the Vietnamese from the first days of peace.

The Live and Remember exhibition is a selection from the extensive archive of Tuleja. The fate of war-tested Vietnam gives closer look on people through the faces and stories that are enhanced by the emotional verses. After the war and restoring of peace (1973) he flew to Vietnam and used the chance to “be in the country in the first days of peace” masterfully. His images and verses indicate that peace is the greatest gift, which a man can give to another man.

Do not miss this exceptional photo exhibition in Kosice. “Stop” for a moment in these hectic times at strong and emotional stories that may be felt from the pictures. The exhibition is open until 10 April 2016 and is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Honorary Consulate of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Kosice and Fpt Slovakia.

See the pictures from Opening Ceremony.