For us at FPT, the year 2020 was also a year of internal projects. We accepted it as a challenge to focus more on ourselves. Among many other things, it brought us a gift, which is the result of several months of hard work of our colleagues, in the form of a new website.

Our original website has already deserved a "rest" and we have therefore set out in an area that we have not yet fully explored, but with even greater determination. At the end of our journey we saw a modern, professional, up-to-date, clear, user-friendly but also a different website which aims to build a brand awareness, attract new talents and tell our story in our own creative way.

#define Our_Services 

We created a project team, defined individual roles, set up regular meetings and started the first Sprint. „From the Scrum Master's point of view, I have to say that I'm happy with how we had it organized“, said Nela Vargová, project manager. „It was interesting for me to have two Product Owners. Since most projects suffer from the fact that they do not have even one and his role is taken over by the whole team. We were lucky to have two of them and they were excellent," added Nela.


“A novelty for me was a topic related to SEO, which we consulted with Promiseo. From the project point of view, I got a more comprehensive idea of everything that needs to be included in the Scope project when building a website,” mentioned Rastislav Boroš, Team Leader of the Project Management department and also one of the Product Owners.

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 In addition to the position of Product Owner, the big challenge was to also cover the content of the website,“ said Andrea Kalafúsová, a communication specialist. „To correctly capture the atmosphere in the company and its corporate culture, either in words or through illustrations.

At the beginning of the project, there were many interviews with management, employees, candidates, but also analyzes and then finding the right mix of design, content, function and target group.

"The probably most difficult thing was probably to come up with the whole concept of the web, whether in terms of content or form. The fact that we decided to communicate, either by illustration or by headings written in the form of code, resulted from difficult debates and brainstormings,“ explained Jozef Kruželák, UX/UI designer.

Of course, the website also had to meet the required technical criteria, and its connection with our "recruit" software was a big challenge. „The first, lesser challenge was to study the possibilities of WordPress and create our own plugin, which was needed to connect with SuccessFactors,“ said Slavomír Slovenkai, a specialist programmer. The second challenge was to create a functional version of the plugin and then integrate it with the Divi theme, which defines the look of the site."

We have been proud of our Test Center of Excellencefor more than 16 years, so the website also went through a series of test cases before the transition to production, for which we are thankful to our test analyst Katka Vargová.

The project team is complemented by Patrik Groško, who seconded Slávo in the technical settings. An irreplaceable member of the team was also Milan Krajč, who in the position of UX designer together with Jožko tirelessly analyzed and proposed the best solutions.

#define Our_Services

Today the web is "live". We breathed the atmosphere of our corporate culture into it, either through interviews with our Team Leaders, or through the newly created Success Story section of our colleagues. We've added playful headlines. To let visitors feel what we are like, what we really create. You will find there a portfolio of services that we offer, as well as what projects we are responsible for.

The icing on the cake is the Think IT part. It's like a "lifestyle magazine" from the FPT world. Gradually you find there videos, blog posts, success stories, interviews with our colleagues, but also case studies.


You will not find photos of smiling people from the photo bank on our website, it is a mix of Anna Hájková illustrations and real photos of our colleagues. It is a gateway to our world. It gives an idea of our company. It is completely created by us. Design by FPT Slovakia.