IT is an industry that places enormous demands on us. They result from the fact that our knowledge, our ability to do something, expires very quickly. This forces us to constantly work on ourselves. Gaining new information, learning new things, discovering new technologies, gaining new experiences.

Fortune favours the prepared, which is why last year at Fpt aimed at increasing the level of competence in the area of SAP S / 4 HANA. We do not want to slow down in our efforts this year either, and therefore we are launching a program aimed at continuing to increase our theoretical and practical experience in the field of SAP S / 4HANA. The CAESAR program will be a set of several projects and activities, which we can divide into 3 basic areas.

Theory, Practice and Vision = Real Project.

The first, very important part of all activities is education. We are currently intensively preparing the so-called training trips. We identify individual levels and forms of education relevant to the needs of the CAESAR program. We build on what we managed to build last year. Once again, we will make intensive use of the SAP Learning Hub platform, which we will supplement with other resources. Of course, where necessary, this study will be completed by certification.

What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle.

We know that reading, seeing or hearing is not the same as "trying it out". Therefore, the second part of the program is a project to build an internal HANA environment on a green field. We aim to simulate the customer's production environment, which will serve as our training environment. Our consultants will be able to configure real situations from the customer's environment with all his processes, requirements and risks.

Start Small Dream Big

As usually, we have great ambitions. Our goal, or vision is a real implementation at the customer site. Verification of our abilities. Among other things, the building of sufficient self-confidence, which we support not only with certifications, but also with real implementations (whether internal or external).

Rome has not been built in one day, and building such a 'capacity' in a year is a big bite. However, I firmly believe that we will go a long way on our journey we have set out and at the end we will come up with new goals that we want to achieve,“ summed up Rasťo Boroš, program manager CAESAR.