Quo Vadis Caesar?

Quo Vadis Caesar?

Dear reader. I am pleased to announce that Operation CAESAR is in full swing and is achieving what later historians are likely to call - the first milestones of the program.

Colleagues involved in the project across our company, began their studies in areas familiar to them, but also completely new. Their goal is to prepare a common knowledge base, necessary to master the new technologies that are waiting at the door. Fourteen daredevils will complete this process with an official certificate.

Our “Sandbox"

At the same time, work is underway to build our "sandbox". The FPT's "basicist" team tirelessly stores the bricks of the operating system, databases, applications, and security solutions, which it combines with the necessary amount of networking, to build a place where we can all test and consolidate our newfound knowledge.

Customer Simulation

Operation Caesar command decided on the objectives of the first mission. About building a company providing retail services to its customers and customizing all related processes. They have also defined the generally applicable rules for 'Global Customizing' and are currently working on an analysis of 'SAP best practices' and the suitability of their application in our geographical and demographic conditions.

Achieving the set goals can also be facilitated by the "SAP activate methodology" whose potential contribution is the subject of an ongoing analysis.

Caesar's team is big. Not everyone has specific assignments on the preparations of the Sandbox system. We have also spent the last few weeks defining training paths. We study intensively. The courses and materials available on the SAP Learning HUB platform are a quality choice. We are proud of colleagues who have signed up for official SAP certifications. They are demanding and time is often a rare commodity. Thank you.