Are you attracted by the prospect of a great career? The ServiceNow technology platform may be the right choice for you. Included is set of tools for the needs of management and administration of company-wide processes and there is a shortage of qualified professionals

In general, ServiceNow can simplify all bureaucratic processes and make business much easier. It offers a complete service that brings added value to the customer, optimization and automation using ITIL processes. Reduces paperwork, automates and simplifies work. More about this topic here.

The ServiceNow platform has diversified into five core services, which include IT, security, HR service, customer service and applications. It is an integrated cloud solution that combines all these services into one integrated system.

If you're still hesitant, here are five reasons why you should consider moving your career to ServiceNow.

Lack of Experts

There is an acute shortage of qualified professionals who comprehensively master all aspects of the ServiceNow platform. Demand for them is growing rapidly and this will continue into the future as the platform grows rapidly.

High Salary

Due to the increase in demand for ServiceNow experts, salary conditions are increasing proportionally and are above average compared to similar positions.

Promising Career

ServiceNow is gaining momentum and is growing very fast due to its high acceptance rate. Its growing popularity and its preference for the Now platform over its counterparts makes it a stable career choice. Demand is accelerating along with popularity. With that comes the stability of using the platform and the requirements for professionals who can handle them. Career progress in this area is therefore guaranteed.

Certification Paths

ServiceNow usually has three certification paths - a certified administrator, a certified implementation specialist, and a certified application developer. However, you can also obtain certifications for specific products on each certification path, become a ServiceNow administrator, developer, technical consultant, architect, and so on.

Extended Skills and Knowledge

ServiceNow allows you to use your full potential effectively. For example, being a ServiceNow developer will make you an expert who is trained and skilled in various aspects of designing, developing, and implementing solutions based on ServiceNow technologies. Such people are often responsible for identifying requirements and developing technical solutions.

The added value is the fact that the company Fpt Slovakia also provides mentoring for juniors and new colleagues are welcomed by a multicultural and multilingual environment.

Are you considering a career in ServiceNow? Our open positon.

Author: Veronika Staruchová, Senior ServiceNow Business Consultant a Tibor Gujdán, Head of ServiceNow Solutions