Fpt Slovakia is celebrating its 5th anniversary and expanding

Press release

Košice 27 May, 2019

The second Best employer in the area of IT and telecommunications, company Fpt Slovakia with the seat in Košice celebrates these days its 5thanniversary. It entered the Slovak IT market five years ago in 2014 as the first Asian investor in the Eastern Slovakia region. Its parent company, FPT Software, is Vietnam’s largest software development company. Today it employs 250 IT specialists in Košice. By 2022 it wants to give a job to a double of that number.

In five years, Fpt Slovakia has evolved from an internal service provider to a professionally oriented IT company. It has won customers from eight countries around the world. The company’s total turnover last year was 12 million euros.

“In the beginning it was a great challenge. After years of delivering services to RWE in Germany as the only customer, we suddenly became a family member of the agile a

nd fast-growing FPT company. Our vision for the next three years is to double the team,” Olaf Baumann, Managing Director of Fpt Slovakia in Košice said, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the operation of Fpt Slovakia in Košice. He highlighted that this does not only mean employing new people, but also bringing new business and new customers to Košice.

“We would like to be more dynamic and innovative and attract talented people to join us. So that our team is stronger, bigger, and, together with FPT Software, we help our clients to the successful digital transformation and development of our region,” expressed the wish for further development of the company the managing director of Fpt Slovakia Coi TranHe recalled that Fpt Slovakia’s core values ​​to both customers and employees are commitment and loyalty. “We strive to be respectful, innovative, have a team spirit, be objective, wise and lead by example,” he added.

The company started celebrations and enjoyed good news last year already. In 2018, the parent FPT Software celebrated 30 years of its existence and signed the most valuable contract in its business history. The $ 100 million contract was signed with innogy SE, the leading European energy company. This has guaranteed revenues up to 2024 as well as opportunities for development in the energy services sector. For the Košice community, this also means consolidating jobs and growth opportunities. Last October, for example, they opened a lab to simulate the use of various household devices in a SmartHome environment. Košice is not only testing, but even implementing new functionalities for the new smart home devices.

 “Our company learns to be effective in changes. The change allows us to grow in every area,”  Fpt Slovakia Deputy Director Dodan Vojtko said. He pointed out that people are on the first place for the company, which is confirmed by the main motto, People first!

“Change is the basis of our vision. Starting with the personal development of employees, recruiting and educating new talents, introducing new technologies and joining new projects, he added and said that at the same time they are also trying to help the environment and the people who need it most. “And all that with a smile on our faces.”

Fpt Slovakia will commemorate its five-year company jubilee on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 with a whole-day program. Among other things, a meeting with members of the Košice IT Valley association, a tour of the company premises and a symbolic planting of trees at Južná trieda are planned.