FPT Slovakia is behind the development of the core platform for electromobility, which is currently the topic of every major carmaker.

There are already quite a few models of electric cars available on the market and new ones continue being added. Competition is growing and prices are gradually falling. In addition, 4 out of 5 customers say they do not plan to return to the internal combustion engine. The transition to an electric car is also an opportunity to approach the environment in environmentally and economically friendly manner and to use renewable energy sources.

We are one of the companies behind the development in this area and we actively contribute to a greener future.

These innovations are often used in countries such as Germany, the USA, France, the UK and Japan. And they are exactly our main markets. Our projects in the field of electromobility comprehensively address issues related to electric cars. Charging them, charging invoicing, message, up to the payment itself. We apply these solutions not only in public but also in private charging stations.


"Due to the ambitious goals of the European Union in the field of CO2 emissions, individual car manufacturers will have to increasingly switch to the production of electric cars. We are specialists in IT and energy, we have been involved in the topic practically since the founding of the company, which means that we have a lot of experience and a great team. Our mission is green transformation. Veríme, že práve IT, je jedeným zo spúšťačov efektívneho prechodu dopravy z využívania fosílnych palív na efektívne využívanie zelených energií,” povedal Dodan Vojtko, Head of Delivery Center Fpt Slovakia.


The aim of our project is to develop a system for charging stations so that we can streamline the entire process from connecting the car to the charger, starting charging, monitoring it (for example, via a mobile phone), to payments when recharging electric cars. We use the latest technologies in development, such as Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Angular, Microunaut, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and others.


The team consists of architects, developers and testers. We are constantly expanding and improving the platform we have helped to design, develop, and manage.. A large enough team ensures that new members have someone to learn from.

On the other hand, we expect them to bring to the team new ideas, creativity and a desire to do things that have a real impact on our future“, said Dodan Vojtko.


We can map all chargers in a city or state. The process looks relatively simple thanks to several innovations. The user comes to the charger, authenticates, for example, via a mobile application or RFID card and starts charging automatically. He chooses the method of payment and after charging he can drive ecologically immediately.

"The development of such a complex platform is a work that requires a rational but also visionary approach. Our work is agile, we develop software in two-week phases, constantly test it to prevent mistakes and continuously check whether we are moving in the right direction." Peter Chlebák, Program Director for electromobility at FPT Slovakia.


Currently we have more than 300 employees, we are growing and we have an open door for other experienced IT specialists, developers, but also students and enthusiasts interested in information technology. We supply innovative solutions and provide IT services for several major multinational companies.

You will work in a team of highly specialized IT professionals, developers and testers on the electromobility project. You will develop mobile applications or program a system that controls the charging process, processes data, provides invoicing.

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If interested or in case of any questions do not hesitate to contact recruitment@fpt.sk